UAE calls for climate security to be included in ‘peace agenda’

New York (Union)

Yesterday, the UAE called for including climate security in the new peace agenda, stressing the importance of caution in analyzing the effects of climate change and ensuring the full participation of women, given their ability to achieve adaptation and improve climate resilience.
In a statement before the United Nations Security Council in the Arria formula on climate security and peace, the UAE said that care needs to be taken when analyzing climate impacts in order to form a peace process based response, noting that this is especially true for regions such as the coast, where change plays a role Climate change plays an increasing role in fueling conflicts over scarce resources.
“As a result of land competition, desertification, rapid urban growth, tensions between herders and farmers, and competition for resources are increasing,” the UAE said in the statement released by Ghasaq Shaheen, the mission’s political coordinator. of the country at the United Nations.
“In this context, knowledge-based tackling climate change has great potential to deliver results that can lead to lasting peace and the resilience of societies,” added Shaheen.
It urged the international community to develop climate intelligence-based mediation plans and strategies in collaboration with international organizations, provided that the Peacebuilding Commission and the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund play a coordinating role .
She stressed the need for support for peacebuilding and climate action to target women directly, to ensure full, equitable and meaningful participation, explaining that given women’s role in providing food, water and energy to their households, have the capacity to achieve climate adaptation and improve climate resilience.
Shaheen referred to the proposal by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, to establish a “new agenda for peace”, explaining that if we want the global security structure to be qualified to carry out the tasks of the twenty-first century, the repercussions on security of climate change must be clearly represented in the new peace agenda.
He said the agenda provides an opportunity to think strategically about how to address climate insecurity through “continuing peace,” from peacebuilding through mediation to peacekeeping.
And he stressed that the UAE, as the chairman and host of the COP28 climate summit, looks forward to working with all partners during the coming year to build on the results of the successful Egyptian-led COP27 summit.

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