TV bonus, how it works and who is entitled to the discount

Bonus tv, how does the discount work for buying a new television or digital terrestrial and to whom is this discount dedicated? As recalls, this is an incentive designed to facilitate the adaptation to the DVB-T2 digital system, which will be completed by July 2022. The Ministry of Economic Development has allocated 150 million euros for the measure. The budget should cover the requests for the period 2019-2022, in any case the bonus will be available until the funds run out. From December 2019 until December 31 2022 it is possible to apply for the bonus, which consists of a discount on the purchase of a new TV or decoder up to a maximum of 50 euros: this means that, if the chosen device will cost less, the bonus amount will be less.

The bonus tv it is therefore paid as a discount applied directly by the seller on the purchase made. In this regard, it is good to specify that the merchants decide on a voluntary basis whether or not to participate in the initiative: if they join, they must register on the platform of the Revenue Agency and follow what is established in the specific guide. The Ministry of Economic Development has set two specific requirements to have access to the incentive. In detail: – Isee not exceeding 20,000 euros; – Italian citizenship. The taxpayer who wants to take advantage of the bonus must present to the seller a form, previously downloaded from the Mise website, in which he declares to be in compliance with the requirements and that no other member of his family has already benefited from the bonus. Anyone who makes false statements faces the revocation of the bonus. The documents required to apply are:

– the above form;
– a valid identity document;
– the tax code. The TV bonus can be requested in both physical and online stores, even abroad, if resellers operating in European Union countries and registered on the appropriate Mise portal.

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