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Sabah newspaper writer Dilek Güngör, today published the ‘new axis in Turkey in an article entitled, Turkey’s process that resulted in the discovery of natural gas in the Black Sea and how it started disposable important steps penned. Güngör said, “With the national policy implemented, the costs in drilling activities have also decreased. The cost of drilling wells, which could not be done in the past on the grounds that it was ‘expensive’ and left to the initiative of international companies, was reduced by one in 15 thanks to the national ships and domestic equipment included in TPAO’s inventory.” Güngör’s article is as follows:

Turkey after the 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves in the Black Sea which gave the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s good news yesterday entered a new path in the global energy market. The continuation of the initial discovery will come. hereinafter referred to as the new axis will cause the redistribution of cards in the game … In fact, Turkey’s strategy in 2017, were drawn in this way. Seeds Minister of Treasury and Finance albayrak weight‘S Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources during the’ Independent Energy, Strong Turkey ‘National Energy and Mines announced with the vision Politikası’yl was discarded.


Albayrak, in April 2017 “and using the driving force of the national target with the independent energy source Turkey to remove a top league,” he medium- and long-term strategies to explain, put into practice. The aim of the strategy was to save Turkey from foreign dependence on energy consumption by up to 80 percent. Because, reducing energy imports by decreasing energy imports up to 25 percent of total imports would eliminate many risks not only in terms of economic independence but also in terms of foreign policy and security.


Albayrak’s strategy consisted of three trivets. In order to ensure supply security in energy, studies have been started rapidly on the axis of resource diversity, utilization of domestic resources and predictable market. Floating liquefied natural gas storage and regasification terminals (FSRU) have started to be put into use in order to avoid supply shortages in natural gas, which is frequently on the agenda in winter. Natural gas was delivered to all provinces. Steps were taken to reach 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 5 million tons of oil storage capacity. With the motto “If you search, you will find it”, oil and natural gas explorations started in the Mediterranean and Black Sea. Renewable Energy Resource Areas to improve Turkey’s renewable energy production (YEKA) projects were introduced. Nuclear power plants are in flesh. New gas and oil pipeline investments were made.


With the vision drawn by Albayrak, a turning point started in oil and gas exploration activities. Before Adnan Menderes period established in Turkey Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) cadres were changed after the start. Alparslan Bayraktar, who was included in the team by Minister Albayrak as deputy undersecretary during the Ministry of Energy, became one of the important names involved in change. He meticulously followed Albayrak’s vision and implemented the transformation in the company.
Melih Han Bilgin, who had worked in the defense industry for many years, was appointed as the head of TPAO. Fatih Dönmez, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, who took over from Berat Albayrak in 2018, and Alparslan Bayraktar, who was appointed as the Deputy Minister, followed the National Energy and Mining Policy resolutely.

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One of the most important milestones in this process was that TPAO stopped renting platforms from outside. Albayrak ensured that TPAO, which conducted exploration activities in blocks previously licensed with many international companies such as Exxon Mobil, Madison Oil and Chevron, continued its journey with national ships. Turkey, exiting the auctions in international markets to haggle with deep-sea search was brought to the national ship. The searches began with the ships of Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha, Fatih, Yavuz, Kanuni and Oruç Reis.


Fatih Drilling Ship, which discovered the gas reserve yesterday, was added to the TPAO inventory in 2017. All the necessary technical components of the South Korean ship, including drilling equipment, well control systems, dynamic positioning systems, ship thrusters and ship generators, were renewed. Fatih started drilling wells in the Mediterranean on 29 October 2018. It successfully completed 4 deep sea wells and moved to the Black Sea on May 29, 2020.

6 APRIL 2017

Treasury and Finance Minister Berat AlbayrakStarted with the National Energy and Mining Policy announced during the period of the Ministry of Energy. He announced that with the exploration drilling ships to be purchased, at least 2 wells in the Black Sea and 2 wells in the Mediterranean will be drilled.

9 JUNE 2017

Berat Albayrak, who visited Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha Ship, announced that they started seismic studies in the seas with our own engineers and their own ships.

12 OCTOBER 2017

TPAO acquired and renewed the deep-sea drilling ship, DeepSea Metro 2, made in South Korea. The ship, which entered the inventory at the end of the year, was prepared in 6 months.

31 MAY 2018

Turkey’s first drilling ship was sent off in the Mediterranean Sea. Berat Albayrak, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the period, said that he would open a new era in Turkish oil and gas exploration drilling, saying “vira bismillah”.

30 OCTOBER 2018

The national drill ship Fatih started the first deep-sea drilling in the Mediterranean. He made the first drilling in the well named Alanya-1. Then he moved to Finike-1 area for the second drilling. Work has been completed in 4 wells in the Mediterranean.

29 MAY 2020

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Fatih, the 567-year anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul, Turkey’s first national drill ship was sent off in the Black Sea.

21 AUGUST 2020

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey made a statement on the Fatih drilling discovered gas reserves that will change the fate of the Ark.


Experts state that the reserve discovered in the Black Sea is easier to extract. The gas discovered is very close to the ground. Moreover, dry gas… In other words, pure gas without heavy gases. This shows that the costs of the degassing process will be much lower than estimates. The reserve found has great potential. In the first place, a size of more than 65 billion dollars is mentioned. Gas is expected to be supplied to the grid within 3 years. So in 2023, the 100th year of the Republic of Turkey will start to open a new page.


Removing the timing of a critical history of Turkey’s natural gas discovered is pointing. Because, 30 percent of the contracts in which the country was forced to pay for the gas that was not used in the 90s by saying ‘take or pay’ ends in 2022. Nigeria (LNG), Algeria (LNG), Russia (Balkan Route) contracts will be completed in 2021. Agreement with Azerbaijan will end in 2022. In other words, the end date of the 20-25-year contracts for pipelines will coincide with the date when the discovered natural gas is extracted. Thus, there will be no need to negotiate with the countries again for the agreements made in the past at high prices. Turkey will be producing its own resources.


In line with the opportunities provided by the national drill ships and the calculations of the Turkish engineers, the reserve areas in the Black Sea were redefined. TPAO engineers, evaluating the seismic research that lasted for 1 year in the field, updated the maps with the data obtained. Except for 7 regions sought by international energy companies’ ships in the past, x-rays of the seas were taken from scratch. Shallow-sea exploration activities in the Black Sea turned into deep-sea explorations with national drill ships. In the studies of the Barbaros seismic research ship, natural gas deposits with rich reserves were found in the Western Black Sea. The Fatih ship started its first drilling in the Black Sea at the Danube-1 location off Ereğli on July 15, the anniversary of the treacherous coup attempt. Exploration activities were carried out at the depth of the sea approximately 2 thousand meters and the drilling depth of 3,500-4,000 meters.


In the Western Black Sea, Romania and Bulgaria have been extracting natural gas from the Danube Block for years. Currently announced reserve amount is 320 billion cubic meters. When this amount of 45-46 billion cubic meters of annual consumption is considered, the capacity to meet the natural gas needs of approximately 7 years in Turkey in the coming days … what is said there are also other reserves in blocks.

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Black Sea, an area in terms of easier to reach Turkey’s rich energy resources. Because, there are maritime jurisdiction agreements with other countries with coasts in the Black Sea. According to the 1982 Turkish Territorial Law, our territorial waters in the Aegean Sea were determined as 6 miles and 12 miles in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea. Ankara declared an Exclusive Economic Zone in the Black Sea in 1986. The Exclusive Zone refers to a zone set not to exceed 200 nautical miles from the baseline where territorial waters begin to be measured. It needs to be announced or revealed by any agreement. Turkey 5 December 1986 declared Exclusive Economic Zone in the Black Sea. Exclusive economic zones were announced for all countries in the Black Sea. Therefore, it is not possible to encounter problems with riparian countries such as the Aegean and the Mediterranean.


With the national policy implemented, costs in drilling activities also decreased. The cost of drilling the wells, which could not be built on the grounds of being ‘expensive’ in the past and left to the initiative of international companies, was reduced by one in 15 thanks to the national ships and domestic equipment included in TPAO’s inventory.


Let’s come to the meaning of natural gas discovery… For a stable and sustainable economic development, countries must develop their own energy policies and reduce their dependence on foreign energy. The basic principle of independence is to ensure economic sufficiency and to have the energy to meet the needs of the country. The job also has benefits in terms of foreign policy and security. on the other hand, while ensuring security of energy supply on the one hand Turkey will make the discovery Resources player in the global energy arena. Now, instead of waiting for gas at the door of countries such as Iran, Russia, and Nigeria, it will become a country that starts energy trade. Once the gas reserves will remain even if the initial 7 years, Turkey’s pocket money of 105 billion dollars. With the discovery, the gas import bill that reaches at least 15 billion dollars per year will be prevented. Turkey is no longer current account deficit, which will begin to take place between the countries current account surplus.


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