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Former Justice Secretary Jeff Sessions and senior Justice Department officials strongly advocated for the separation of migrant families on the border with Mexico two years ago, it reported. The New York Times.

“We need to separate the children,” Sessions told a group of federal prosecutors, He said the newspaper citing anonymous sources.

Rod Rosenstein, then Under Secretary of Justice, went further and told five prosecutors that they had to separate families regardless of the age of the minors.

Rosenstein “instructed that, in accordance with the Attorney General’s policies, we are not to categorically refuse to press charges against adults in family units as young as a child,” John Bash, then outgoing West Texas federal prosecutor, told his staff. after a conference call with the Undersecretary of Justice.

Senior Justice Department officials were “the engine” of the policy of separating thousands of families at the border, many of them Central Americans who were fleeing the violence and wanted to request asylum in the United States.

The newspaper article is based on a draft report by the Justice Department inspector general, as well as interviews with three government officials who read the document.

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