Trump plans to fire these if he wins

It’s an online newspaper Axios which comes with the sensational revelation, penned by their White House correspondent Alayna Treene.

Among those the president plans to replace if he wins the presidential election on November 3 are FBI chief Christopher Wray and CIA chief Gina Haspel, the newspaper writes.

He should plan to do so immediately.

Avisa, which cites two sources who are said to have discussed the decision with Trump, writes that the background for the replacements is mistrust and great dissatisfaction within the Trump administration.

If it had not been for the presidential election and political headaches the replacements could have caused, he would have already done so, writes Axios.

VICE-PRESIDENT: US President Donald Trump wanted his eldest daughter Ivanka Trump as her vice presidential candidate during the 2016 election, according to a new book. Photo: Rex / shutterstock / NTB.
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US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper will also be on the list. Trump is also considering replacing Justice Minister Bill Barr and Education Minister Betsy DeVos, according to the newspaper.

However, the information has not been officially confirmed.

“We have no staff changes to announce, and it would not be appropriate to speculate on changes after the election or during a second term,” White House Press Secretary Judd Deere told Axios.

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