Troyes, a city where it is (almost) good to live

27th out of 29. In one year, Troyes has not moved in the “list of towns to settle in with the family” (or the list of towns where life is good) than the Figaro Magazine unveils exclusively in its edition of this weekend. In ranking medium-sized towns of 50,000 to 100,000 inhabitants (Troyes officially has 61,652 in the last census), the prefecture of the Aube occupies the antepenultimate place.

The first three are respectively occupied by Quimper (with a score of 15.74 / 20), Bayonne (15.69 / 20) and Niort (15.54 / 20), while the last two (behind Troyes, therefore) are Saint-Quentin (14.04 / 20) and Fréjus (13.66 / 20).

A ranking that is not very rewarding even if the overall rating of Troyes has increased from 13.08 in 2020 at 14.27 today.

Nine categories from various INSEE studies that the magazine analyzed were taken into account in this ranking: demography, employment, education, culture and leisure, living environment and safety, climate and environment, real estate, transport and health.

In the Top 6 of the youth index

The first criterion is the “youth index”, ie the number of young people under 20 for 100 people aged 60 and over living in cities. With an index of 105, Troyes integrates the Top 6 of medium-sized cities and even does better than the previous year (102). Still in the field of youth, the level of mention in the bac is also considered. With 46.3% of mentions, the capital of Aube is doing less well than the previous year (50.5%).

Its other presence in a top 6 is less positive because it concerns the number of thefts and concessions over three years: 7,201. Conversely, two reasons for satisfaction. On the one hand, the change in the number of jobs lost (over 5 years) goes from 1,365 in the 2020 ranking to 406 in this year’s ranking. Same positive development with regard to the “monthly net salary” which was € 1,811 in 2020 and € 1,835 this year. But, with Béziers (15th in the ranking), Troyes is the second average city in France where wages are the lowest.

How the city reacts

The rest of the criteria taken into account are average: real estate purchase price (in m2) at € 1,350, rental price (per m2) at € 9.8, health access indicator at 4.7 and cinema screenings (number of films seen per year) per inhabitant in 2019 at 4.3 on average.

« When a ranking serves us, we say it sucks and when it values ​​us we say it is good. We have to get out of this. In my opinion, a classification, whatever it is, is a source of information », Notes Francis Bécard. The municipal councilor was called by François Baroin for this term to work precisely on “territorial marketing” (among others). He himself, CEO of the ESC Troyes group, awaits the ranking of the grandes écoles each year to see where he stands. Rankings, he learned to study them.

And at first glance, according to him, the criteria identified by the Figaro Magazine are ” passéistes ». « It is for example very surprising that they did not take into account the number of students in the city (12,000, editor’s note), ”he notes. ” Same thing with regard to the waiting time for a consultation with the doctor, why telemedicine is not considered in this list? Finally, by targeting businesses that create jobs, why don’t we consider start-ups? I prefer to base myself on criteria that deal with the future and not the past. »

However, Francis Bécard recognizes that there is ” lessons to be learned and things to work on “. This is also why he was elected in the last municipal elections. But working on the image of the City is a long-term project. And on this point, there is everything to do again.

« For a long time Troyes was a working class town that should not be publicized », He recalls. Likewise the major brands – Lacoste, Petit-Bateau, not to mention those which have disappeared – ” all had an address in Paris », When they were born and have their headquarters in Troyes. ” And the metamorphosis of Troyes is not well enough known; it remains intimate with Les Troyens. »

Positive point, however, according to the elected: ” we have 1.50 point left to go up He smiles. But communication is difficult and this health crisis does not facilitate the task. Elected in May, the working group led by Francis Bécard did not really get into action until September. And in video. Not ideal for moving fast.

What the AVF association thinks

“The image of Troyes would have to be greatly improved to attract new inhabitants. They try to do it – via entire pages in magazines in particular – but Troyes struggles to make itself known. We have received very few families in recent years, but sometimes they come to Troyes reluctantly. However, once you get there, it’s a great find, you are very happy there. Once there, you realize that there is a great cultural and sporting diversity, a very pretty environment, there is something for everyone… but at first glance, it is not very engaging. “

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