Trinseo: Feasibility study for European pilot plant for bio-butadiene

This is how it should work: Production of bio-butadiene (Photo: ETB)

Can a pilot plant for the production of butadiene from renewable raw materials be built and operated economically in Europe? A feasibility and profitability study that the US plastics group Trinseo (Berwyn, Pennsylvania / USA) intends to conduct together with the Russian technology start-up ETB Catalytic Technologies (ETB, Moscow) will deal with this question. A corresponding agreement has now been signed by the two companies.

By the end of the year, the cooperation partners want to investigate whether the process developed by ETB for producing 1,3-butadiene from ethanol can be scaled to an industrial scale. The process that ETB has developed for the production of bio-butadiene in recent years is based on a one-step process with multifunctional catalysts, which makes complex multi-step separation systems superfluous.



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