TOP accessories for LADA Vesta, which will become a waste of money

These attributes may not only not be needed by the car, but also harm it.

Some of the elements that many drivers install, considering them useful, are actually not. This applies not only to domestic cars, but also applies to other brands. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, we will consider TOP accessories for LADA Vesta, which will become money thrown away.

The first element is the installation of additional fenders. From the factory to Vesta, the manufacturer installs either plastic fenders or felt, which cope with its task. Some drivers put extra pads on top of them to protect the car. Overlapping plastic with plastic does not make sense, and another layer on top of the wing liners prevents them from drying out, due to which excess moisture mixed with reagents causes corrosion of the body, not only in LADA Vesta, but also in other models.

The next “myth” that should protect the hood of the car from chips is the installation of the so-called “fly swatter”. Despite the fact that the plastic protection protects the front part of the bonnet cover, when driving at speeds in the attachment points, scuffs form, resulting in corrosion. Even the protective spacers and armor film will not help protect the attachment points. This fact is confirmed by owners of LADA Vesta cars.

As for the interior, some drivers prefer to install additional chrome trim. Such elements will transform a monotonous interior into LADA Vesta, but under certain conditions there is a possibility of catching a “sun bunny”, which can lead to accidents.

In car dealerships, a wide variety of accessories for cars is presented, before installing them, you must properly weigh the pros and cons.

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