Tomorrow is Friday! Asteroid 1989 JA Diameter 1.8 Km Approaching Earth

JABARESPRES.COM – A giant asteroid with a diameter of 1.1 miles or 1.8 Km is in moderate position close to earth on Friday 27 May 2022 later.

Reported by, based on official information NASA Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the asteroid with the name 7335 (1989 JA) is in the closest position 10 times the distance from Earth to the Moon.

NASA itself has analyzed and classified the asteroid 1989 JA as a potential danger to Earth if its orbit changes.

The asteroid continues to move in its orbit and this year is in its closest position to Earth.

For the movement speed of the 1989 JA asteroid, it has a speed of 76,000 km/hour or faster than supersonic missile.

Luckily, the sky stone only passes in the closest position to Earth. And will immediately move away with a distance of 70 times the Earth to the Moon.

To note, Asteroid 1989 JA is one of the celestial bodies detected by NASA which has the closest distance to Earth.

So, having potential hazard if the orbital region of the asteroid’s orbit shifts from normal. NASA itself routinely continues to monitor the movement every year.

Asteroid 7335 (1989 JA) itself goes inside Apollo class which refers to an asteroid that orbits the sun while periodically crossing the Earth’s orbit.

Astronomers also say there are about 15,000 such rocks that routinely cross the orbits of the sun and earth.

To overcome the collision with the earth in 2021 ago, NASA himself is currently conducting research trials by creating the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft.

This spaceship will later crash celestial objects That’s because it has a potential danger with the aim of changing the orbital path so that it is not potentially dangerous to life on Earth.

1989 JA this orbit the sun for 570 days. Its movement sometimes swoops in with its rotation close to the earth.

On Friday, 27/05 later the rock will have a distance of about 2.5 million miles or as far as 4 million kilometers from planet Earth.

For observers of celestial bodies, this phenomenon can be witnessed directly using a telescope virtually Friday at 01:00 UTC or 06:00 WIB.

To see this phenomenon can be witnessed virtually, observers can click here

1989 JA will not fly close again until June 23, 2055, when it will pass about 70 times farther from Earth than the moon. (red).

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