TNI Commander Transfers 328 Pati, Including the Pangkostrad and Pangkoarmada

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces, General Andika Perkasa mutate 328 High Officers TNI. Among them are the Pengkostrad department, the Joint Commander of Defense Region III, Pangkoarmada to 28 departments in the new TNI units.

The mutation was based on the Position Decree No. 66/I/2022 dated January 21, 2022 concerning Dismissal from and Appointment in Position within the TNI which was signed by General Andika on Friday (21/1) night.

“Of the 328 high-ranking TNI officers who received the new positions, 28 of them entered the positions of the new TNI units, which was mandated in Presidential Decree No. TNI psychology, TNI procurement center and TNI bureaucratic reform center,” said Head of the TNI Information Center, Major General TNI Praantara Santosa in a press release received, Saturday (22/1).

A total of 10 three-star high-ranking officers who were transferred in the decision of the TNI commander, including TNI Lieutenant General Bakti Agus Fajari, will fill the position of Danjen TNI Academy. TNI Major General Maruli Simanjuntak will fill the position of Kostrad Commander, TNI Major General Ignatius Yogo as Dankodiklatad, TNI Admiral Agung Prasetiawan as Commander of the Armada, Admiral TNI Nurhidayat as Pushidrosal Commander.

“The Commander of the Kodiklatal is held by Major General TNI Mar Hartono, the Pangkoopsudnas is held by Marsdya TNI Andyawan Martono, the Commander of the Kodiklatau is held by Marsda TNI Nanang Santoso,” he explained.

Then it was written that the position of Wakasad would be filled by Maj. Gen. Agus Subiyanto, who previously served as the Siliwangi Regional Military Commander. Agus means that he will accompany General Dudung Abdurachman to lead the Army.


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