TMW RADIO – Sconcerts: “Napoli can aspire to the title. Sassuolo? An example for football “


The director spoke to TMW Radio’s microphones Mario Sconcertthe. Here are his statements:

What do you think of the match between Rome and Benevento?
“I saw a Rome at times. A team with many qualities but also with points of imbalance. In my opinion it is still not complete at high levels ”.

Can Napoli fight for the title?
“I believe he can certainly aim high. It’s hard to find a single favorite in this league. Among other things, Juventus still has to find the entire team and therefore I would like to see them at work later on. The best teams are almost all on the same starting point, in fact I don’t see clear distances between the favorites. Napoli is definitely a balanced team; I don’t think he will always play with this 4-2-3-1 which, by the way, seemed to me a 4-2-4, but he has a good structure in terms of staff ”.

What will Conte’s future be?
“I believe that a contract like the one Conte has binds him and the club, which is still paying for Spalletti’s old salary. Additional purchases have been made but there is also a lot of focus on investments. In this Inter I don’t see lightness, because there is too much pressure. Just look at the role that Eriksen is playing, with Brozović’s rather poor performance. In football you need experience and this Inter have already lost points in the last 2 games ”.

At the end of the program, who would you like to say hello to?
“At Sassuolo. Eighth year in a row in Serie A, a team that is carrying out an important project. Have fun and score four goals per game. A great coach, as well as the staff he has at his disposal. The club is bringing and disseminating interesting topics to our football ”.


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