Tim Cook takes the magazine from his mouth – finally talking about Apple Car

Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken the magazine by storm when it comes to the company’s long-awaited Apple Car project.

In an interview with New York Times Cook was, understandably, evasive when asked about Apple’s self-driving vehicles, yet acknowledged that autonomous car technology is evolving.

“When it comes to the work we do [på det feltet], of course, I’m going to be a little reserved, “Cook said, adding:” Autonomy itself is a core technology. […] If you take a step back, the car, in many ways, is a robot. An autonomous car is a robot. So there are many things one can do with autonomy. And it remains to be seen what Apple does. “

Cook was then asked whether Apple Car – which officially goes by the name Project Titan – will end up as a complete product, or whether the project is primarily software. “We love integrating hardware, software and services, and finding the intersections between them, because we believe that is where the magic happens. And so this is what we love to do. And we love owning the main technology around it. ”

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