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Hello, sisters, everyone must have already felt the power of cliff cooling in winter! In such a cold weather, it’s time to let the “Life Renewal Artifact” down jacket debut!

To simplify the complexity, in fact, down jackets are just the difference between wearing a hat and not wearing a hat. The hooded down jacket is more warm and has more options for free collocation.

LOOK1: Short hooded down jacket

The short down jacket is definitely the first choice for small girls. It will not show procrastination while wearing the upper body and has the effect of optimizing the proportion of the body.

When the fashion model walks on the runway wearing a short hooded down jacket, it naturally presents a visual sense of slender figure.

Regarding the matching of the short hooded down jacket, it couldn’t be easier!

With the silhouette of a short hooded down jacket with tight trousers, the combination of “upper fat and thinner on the bottom” can well avoid bloated feeling.

Regardless of how bulging the upper body is, as long as the lower body tights are drawn out of slender legs, you still look beautiful and thin!

The short down jacket that just fits the waistline is more versatile and taller than the conventional one.

In addition to skinny jeans and yoga pants can form a perfect match with them, flared pants can beautify the lines of long legs!

So it can be said that the short hooded down jacket is still very tolerant in terms of matching, and can be CP with leggings and bell bottoms.

LOOK2: Mid-length hooded down jacket

The mid-length hooded down jacket is a combination of fashion and temperature. It keeps warmer than the short style, and it also reduces the burden of the long style.

As long as it is properly matched, wearing a mid-length down jacket will still not be able to stop your fashion edge, and the white style will make you show gentle and temperament~

Compared with the short style, the mid-length hooded down jacket has a wider range of matching, and it can be perfectly combined with skirts, tights, and wide-leg pants.

In fact, this type of down jacket is very tolerant. The mid-length body length can just cover the thick waist and wide crotch. Most girls can wear it with confidence.

If you want to wear a fashionable personality, then I suggest that you can wear it with open arms and easily create a sense of oversize trend.

When you choose a mid-length hooded down jacket, don’t have too many single items inside, otherwise it will be easy to appear fat and messy.

The picture is a wrong demonstration. A mid-length profile down jacket is matched with a mid-length skirt and black trousers. Layering and mixing ensures the temperature, but it seems difficult to grasp the point.

LOOK3: Long hooded down jacket

The long down jacket is basically suitable for all figures, regardless of height, short, fat or thin, and it is also the first choice for keeping warm from the cold!

Major fashion brands also favor long down jackets. It has become a standard for models, and it is wind-resistant, warm and fashionable.

Girls with a slightly fat body wear a long hooded down jacket to balance the body visually, so they don’t look bloated.

Petite girls can wear an oversize fashion sense, not to mention tall girls, they have already revealed their aura when they wear them.

If you find that ordinary color down jackets are too boring to wear, you might as well try lively bright colors, red, yellow, and blue, to add “eye-catching power” to your winter outfit.

Nowadays, belted and lace-up down jackets are popular. It adds an adjustable lace-up belt to the micro-profile down jacket version to perfectly divide the body proportions.

Sisters who want to wear down jackets in winter without being bloated can choose this one, which improves the waistline while also showing great temperament.

In my private dressing exercises, I tried to use a mid-length hooded down jacket for different combinations.

If you want to make yourself look cooler, you can choose to wear a black down jacket with a black bottoming shirt and gray sweatpants, so that a dark look looks simple to wear, but it is full of advanced sense!

When I wear the down jacket with open arms, it will naturally form a sense of the oversize dressing trend, with an unruly and cool style.

And if the zipper of the down jacket is tightened, it will be more warm, like a small quilt wrapped around the body.

The simple A-shaped version covers the meat, making you look thin and warm in winter!

Want to add a little decoration to your winter outfit? This is so simple!

Wearing a hat or adding a scarf can not only further achieve the warmth effect but also become more fashionable!

Many fashionistas are very resistant to wearing down jackets, and even think that it is a “fashion insulator”, wearing a bloated and fat body, has nothing to do with fashion.

But today I will rectify its name! As long as you choose the right one, down jackets can also be fashionable and beautiful!


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