this Thursday begins the Selective Theater in Río Negro

These are not times for parties, it is true, but the theatrical event will always be celebration. That is why what was known as the Provincial Theater Festival today is called Selective and it is what will begin this Thursday.

Under the brand new name of Selectivo de Teatro de Río Negro, ten plays from this province will seek a place in the next edition of the 2021 National Theater Festival, which will take place in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, and with a date to be confirmed. For this edition, the jury will be made up of Alicia Tealdi, Verónica Caliva and Daniel Fermani.

The provincial meeting, which has been held for more than 30 years, saw its continuity interrupted in 2019 due to organizational issues, and in 2020 due to the quarantine imposed from the coronavirus pandemic throughout the country.

This year, and given that the restrictions and difficulties due to the pandemic continue, the Selective will be held virtually with headquarters in Beltrán from today until Sunday. The program consists of ten works and artistic interventions in Roca, Las Grutas, Bariloche and El Bolsón, which They can be enjoyed through the various Selectivo channels, on YouTube and Facebook.

To know more about the Selective:

The works will be available on the platforms for 24 hours from the moment they go on the virtual stage.

In the case of the interventions, being in open spaces, they can be seen on site, in addition to being transmitted by streaming.

The works and interventions

“The mother who bore”

Group: Eleven Contents (Cipolletti)

Day and hour: Thursday at 19.

Public: Adults / Genre: comedy / Duration: 90 minutes

Synopsis: Miguel, Ricky, Brian, Bruce and David are summoned by Dennis to his department. They do not know the reason for the appointment. It is eleven o’clock in the morning on a Sunday and the night before, in that same place, there was a party that the host usually offers. But at that party something happened, something that can endanger the friendship of this group of friends, the Group of Six. The story progresses between a host in search of the culprit and a series of flashbacks that recompose scenes from the night before. And in its course, voices, disputes, crossed suspicions will emerge.

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“The Spirits. The case of the rich man, the dead and the seers”

(Free version of “Los invisibles”, by Gregorio de Laferrere).

Day and hour: Sunday at 18.

Group: Grupo Libres Cultural Association (Beltrán)

Public: The whole family / Genre: Comedy / Duration: 1h. 20 min approx.

Synopsis: The spirits. The case of the rich man, the dead man and the seers, addresses the outpouring of spiritualism practices in the upper classes of the 30s and 40s in Argentina. A wealthy family decides its designs through spiritualistic experiences, drawn by its stubborn patriarch.


Day and hour: Sunday at 4:30 p.m.

Group: Delirium / The Baggins

Public: Adult / Genre: Dance Theater / Duration: 40 minutes

Synopsis: DeLirio proposes the logic of the oneiric, a collective dream. Many women who could be one, meet, wonder, discover, accompany each other. There, metaphorically, the thin border between love and death, between affection and terror, between romanticism and gender violence is revealed. Proposing deliberation and the question: Is that what love is?

“In summer”

Day and hour: Saturday at 21.

Group: Flawerpawer Vekembawer Theater / Bariloche

Public: The whole family / Genre: Drama / Comedy / Duration: 55 minutes

Synopsis: “La Vara”, the first production of the recently created group Flawerpawer Vekembawer Teatro, represents something like a paradox, or better yet, the sum of an uncertain set of paradoxes, turned almost by chance, into a creative or artistic event. A theatrical piece that passes through different aesthetic universes, in which various elements of clown, naturalism, tragedy and the absurd are simultaneously mixed and fused, in equally unequal parts.


Day and hour: Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

Group: Incorrect Group / Bariloche

Public: +13 / Genre: Tragicomedy with touches of black humor / Duration: 50 minutes

Synopsis: Two old women in a state of decrepitude share their last moments between tales of unusual stories and the most absurd visions of the world. As the building they are in burns, they unfold the sadistic relationship that unites them and their most macabre games with which they have fun flirting with death. Walking on this edge, between life and death, between the most absurd humor and tragedy, the author dives into the depths of the human to make us laugh at ourselves.

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“They can leave whatever they want”

Day and hour: Saturday at 18.

Group: ALAMEDA Artists in Laboratory / Rock

Public: Young people and adults / Genre: Perform Theater – Installation / Duration: 45 minutes

Synopsis: People enter a cubicle made up of clothes of the most diverse colors. In the chairs, on the floor, hanging, bent … As if the whole of humanity had been there, then it vanished and that very beautiful disorder remained. There, a body of actors will share a story. A man loses his family and tries to regain his affections in the clothes that were left. Start a mysterious game: notes, photos, calls, summoning neighbors who do not know each other … and they end up getting involved. A thousand stories surround us, emerge, are ours … without hesitation. A thousand different readings appear in each garment.


Day and hour: Friday at 21.

Group: Project Q / Villa Regina

Public: Adult / Genre: Theater of objects – Cyberpunk / Duration: 45 minutes

Synopsis: In Alphaville, a futuristic metropolis with a high suicide rate and street violence, a female detective solves the crime by blasting her way through with bullets. But not everything is what it seems. Permanently followed by TV cameras, the shocking Custer is immersed in a sordid and degraded society, where everything and everyone can be for sale. Based on the classic comic book written by Carlos Trillo and drawn by Jordi Bernet in 1986, the play invites us to visit that world and meet its characters in theatrical version.

“Everything ends up moving”

Day and hour: Friday at 7:30 p.m.

Group: Urgent Scene / Gral. Roca

Public: Adult / Genre: Drama / Duration: 40 minutes

Synopsis: She tells us that they are going to a small town to hide, not to be separated. And he tells us that everything ends up moving, that everything breaks, how glasses break, how trees break, how bones break. “Can you imagine a word so simple that it names you and me at the same time, something barely perceptible, a few letters piled up in the air carrying a caress around the house”.

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Day and hour: Friday at 18.

Author and director: Natalia Eugenia Villanueva / El Bolsón

Public: ATP / Genre: Stand Up / Duration: 60 minutes

Synopsis: Natalia since she was a child, daughter of artists, I always want to be normal. In her second Stand Up show, she reveals to us through 4 stories the difficulty and complexity of being one, especially as an Argentinian, an artist and a bag maker! In his monologues he envelops us in his daily experiences that reflect conflicts about individuality, self-improvement, fears, social and cultural crisis and finally the contradiction and the meaning of success in his career.

“Fresh oysters”

Day and hour: Thursday at 20:30.

Group: Osmosis / Bariloche

Public: ATP / Genre: dramatic comedy / Duration: 40 minutes

Synopsis: Two timeless and surreal characters, Bukharin and Maklakov, wait on a station platform for the arrival of General Keller’s coffin, which comes from Manchuria. In a state of overwhelm and desolation, the characters relate to each other through power and intellectual differences. These actions become hilarious and laughing, even a little extravagant in a context of solemnity and depersonalization.


Southern Cultural Artistic Association from El Bolsón who will make their speech at the Tent Theater Facility – Thursday at 18.

Theatrical Bariloche from the Civic Center – Friday at 5:15 pm.

Les Mirones Collective from Las Grutas they will make their intervention in the Amphitheater of the First Bajada – Saturday at 4 pm.

Collective Actresses of Fiske Menuco from the Canal Grande de Roca Amphitheater – Sunday at 6pm.




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