This laptop is a real top predator, not just for gamers

Shortly after the international presentation, MSI, which is gaining more and more strength in the IT market, brought its new top notebook, a member of the Leopard family called GP66, to Hungary. The manufacturer’s products have put the bar high in the past, but competition in this sector is killer and there’s a flaw in the deck at any time. We could see what he knows, how strong the machine is, what it can be used for.

The discreet True Gamer inscription adorned on the box already hints at what one can expect, and after a first glance at the product, we can no longer doubt that fate has brought it together with a notebook for players. Although the housing lacks colorful trim and flickering LEDs, the aggressive design that evokes sports cars leaves no doubt as to who this product is intended for.

The MSI Leopard GP66 is not a graceful, sexy ultrabook that one can only snap out of at a trial or in a coffee shop, but a chunky, powerful beast that shines from it to a high-performance structure.

The design elements used for the screen also reflect this. There is no trace of the fashionable grace of lifestyle machines these days, here robust, militant solutions dominate. The coffee is not particularly thin on the side and top and is particularly thick at the bottom. The hinges are massive, stable, and it really seems that the display doesn’t start to wobble even after many, many years of use.

MSI Leopard GP66Source: Origo

The model’s midnight black aluminum finish looks good, but the fingerprints are ugly on it. There can be no reason to complain about inputs and outputs. In addition to the mandatory HDMI, it has a LAN, USC-C with DisplayPort support, and three USB-As (3.2). The 35-centimeter-wide product is 2.4 centimeters thick and weighs 2.4 kilograms, so it’s very far from the world’s most graceful, lightest laptops, but still relatively easy to carry.


The device is available in several configurations as usual, but each is characterized by relatively high performance. We have 16 GB of RAM, an 8-core Intel i7 (i7-1080H) processor and a bit of a good NVIDIA RTX3070 dedicated video card, as well as a Intel UHD Graphics 630 integrated graphics chip has been added. Thus, in this form, it is a smaller type of portable power plant, which makes it excellent for running even high-capacity applications.

It is also a great choice for general everyday use.Source: Origo

You can play great with it, even modern games with top graphics run beautifully and without any problems. In addition, the MSI Leopard GP66 works great with design programs, video editing or image editing software. Of course, this also means that the speed is great during everyday use (surfing the net, chatting, watching videos, taking pictures). So it’s practically suitable for everything people use a notebook for today. When the hardware runs to the top, there is a lot of heat that the built-in cooling system can handle, but only with the fans buzzing very loudly, which can be a bit confusing. Although, if one puts on a headset or rolls up the sound, there is no particular problem with that either.


It’s equipped with a 15.6-inch, Full HD LED LCD display with a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz. That still sounds good so far, but I didn’t like the lack of dynamically changing refresh rate technology. In fact, you can do without it, but it would have been good to have G-Sync support for the game. The maximum brightness is 370 nit, which is plenty for home conditions, but the contrast is a bit low, with a maximum value of just 910: 1 managed to get out of it. But it is also true that one seldom pays attention to such things while playing.

They are equipped with a Full HD display.Source: Origo

It performs moderately in terms of color space coverage, so all in all, we’d say there’s a better product on the market for graphics work. The distribution of the backlight provided by the LEDs is homogeneous, we did not run into any problems in this area. The motion display is perfectly fine, we did not experience any anomalies, i.e. ghosting, duplication, stuttering, dragging, and re-shooting at all. While it is also true that for a gamer notebook of this price, this is a basic requirement.

Battery, sound, keyboard

MSI has built a keyboard developed by peripheral specialist Steel Series into this product. And the keyboard is simply flawless as a result. The pressure path and resistance of the buttons are correct. They’re kept stable, don’t wobble, and the same can be said for the average-sized touchpad, which in our experience is great for replacing a traditional mouse. All in all, there can be no complaint about input devices.

It got a great keyboard.Source: Origo

However, they could have paid more attention to the battery, as only a 65 wH battery was included. This would still be super for an average 14 “lifestyle laptop, but not enough for such a bull, relatively high-power machine. This means that uptime is often less than 5 hours if we drive the iron hard. .This interval is now small.The product has a built-in two-speaker sound system that produces average quality sound.It is good if there is no one else nearby, but surely even a cheap external speaker can provide better sound quality.No special problem with the volume , but there are minor problems with clarity, depth, dynamics and proportions, which is not a problem when playing games or filming, but there is not much to listen to music.


The price of the product is roughly around 600,000 forints, and you can already have expectations for that much money. And the MSI Leopard GP66 jumps on these with confidence in many ways. Its display is mediocre, its battery is not real, these two components feel like not everything is included. On the other hand, the performance is quite first-class, and the handling and design are also very well done. For this reason, we would say that this machine is specifically recommended for gaming.

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