This is how the new public park in New York will look like: Pier 76 –

As the main image of this note shows, this is how the new public park in New York will be, which will be built on Pier 76 (or Pier 76), in a complementary work to a complete renovation of the Midtown West area, where Hudson Yards and one of the High Line walkways are located.

Currently the place is used by the New York Police (NYPD) to store vehicles impounded for being improperly parked.

The site will be remodeled into a new two-and-a-half-acre park facing the Hudson River. In fact, it will have a walkway that will be inside the river itself.

The image released by the New York Governor’s office of the Pier 76 renovation shows the park as an outdoor seating and dining area, with colorful murals on the ground and pedestrian and bike paths around the perimeter.

The extension of the High Line

This work is part of a larger plan that includes the expansion of the High Line, which will seek to link the traditional pedestrian promenade with the Penn Station train station.

The $ 60 million plan calls for building an L-shaped walkway to connect the High Line near Hudson Yards to the new Train Hall, designed as part of the Penn Station expansion.

Once completed, the walkway would allow pedestrians to connect directly from the avenue to the station lobby without having to cross streets that are heavily trafficked in the area.

They are also looking to build a second extension of the High Line, past the Javits Convention Center, to bring the pedestrian bridge to Pier 76.


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