This is Allo Bank’s Stock Projection Ahead of the Launch of Apps


The Allo Bank application will launch on May 20, 2022. From this application, there are many conveniences that can be obtained by customers.

Now Allo Bank itself is an issuer with the BBHI code. Capital Market Practitioner and Observer Lucky Bayu Purnomo said that in the future Allo Bank will have a positive trend.

“In the future, Allo Bank will have a positive trend,” Lucky said when contacted, Tuesday (17/5/2022).

Lucky said that currently BBHI is in a correction condition. However, this figure has occurred in the period March and April. Or prices that have been tested before.

According to Lucky, there is a brighter potential in the future when the application is launched. Especially now that Allo Bank has a large and wide ecosystem.

“Because the ecosystem is CT Corp and its business transformation is interesting. Because digital banks are not only seen from the bank. But also what kind of ecosystem and environment,” he said.

He revealed that Allo Bank is surrounded by a large ecosystem, such as Bukalapak to Bank Mega and companies under CT Corpora. “Well, all of them have carried out activities before the existence of Allo, it became an ecosystem,” he explained.

Allo Bank’s share price is currently listed at Rp 5,300 per share. Market capitalization was recorded at Rp 115.17 trillion.

Quoted from the page, digital banks can facilitate customer needs from the financial side to entertainment in one hand. Like from Allo Apps.

Allo Bank wants to innovate and provide new technology-based breakthroughs to meet market needs. “That’s why Allo Apps also makes it easier for you to connect with merchants in the CT Corpora ecosystem,” he wrote.

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Allo Bank also offers easy & fast registration and can be used immediately after registering and filling in the balance. Furthermore, there are no admin fees charged for Alo Pay and Allo Pay+. Then transactions are safe and easy using QRIS.

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