This is a Porsche

This week, Porsche unveiled the new Taycan Cross Turismo. A station wagon based on Taycan, and which may become a big seller in Norway in the coming years, writes Elbil24.

At the same time, Porsche is also releasing two electric bicycles, and thus becoming one of several car manufacturers that are also aiming for the bicycle market. In the past, Jeep and Harley-Davidson, among others, have introduced electric bicycles; in addition, it is rumored that Tesla may also have something on the menu soon.

Not to mention BMW, if electric bike we actually tested back in 2014.

Porsche Sport is the electric bike you use daily for, for example, commuting. Photo: Porsche
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Costs shirt …

The Porsche Cross and Sport electric bikes are both inspired by Taycan and built on the same foundation, but are intended for different uses.

Sport should be the electric bike you use daily for, for example, commuting, while Cross is a full-fledged mountain bike.

In common, both are built with a carbon fiber frame and are full dampers, which have been developed in collaboration with the German bicycle manufacturer Rotwild.

Sport is the more expensive of the two and has a price tag of 10,700 dollars, which corresponds to almost 92,000 kroner at today’s exchange rate, and weighs around 21 kilos, while Cross is a little cheaper with a price of 8549 dollars, around 73,000 Norwegian, and weight of 22 kilos.

The Porsche Cross is an electric mountain bike.  Photo: Porsche

The Porsche Cross is an electric mountain bike. Photo: Porsche
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Launch in the spring

Both are powered by Shimano’s powerful EP8 engine, which Norwegian has tested. It is the same engine that sits in the Merida eSpresso EP8, which costs around 40,000 kroner less than a Sport.

The electric bikes also have electronic gears from Shimano and hydraulic disc brakes from the manufacturer Maguara.

Unfortunately, we do not have Norwegian prices and launch information, but the bikes are expected on the market during the spring, writes The Verge.

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