This changes on December 1st: the bank raises interest on savings books and good news for those who have had covid for some time

Things will change again on December 1st. Three modifications stand out, we have listed them for you.

First change: KeyTrade Bank increases interest on his two savings accounts on December 1. Internet bank customers can receive up to 1% interest.

This is a significant increase in the interest rate: the Azur savings account will go from 0.01% base interest and 0.10% loyalty bonus to 0.50 and 0.20%. The second passbook, the Alta Fedeltà account, will receive from next month a base interest of 0.30% and a loyalty bonus of 0.70%, against the current 0.01 and 0.15%.

Keytrade Bank, which has more than 300,000 customers, is the first of the largest banks in Belgium to drastically increase interest rates. Smaller niche players such as Santander Consumer Bank, NIBC Direct, CKV and MeDirect preceded the bank. For now, the major banks will stick to the legal minimum interest rate of 0.11%.

Neuropsychological treatments

From now on, patients with long-term health problems after a corona infection will also be reimbursed for neuropsychological care. Starting this summer, patients suffering from pulmonary covid can count on a personalized care pathway, in which the general practitioner and the other healthcare professionals involved draw up a treatment plan. As part of this process, physiotherapy, speech therapy and psychological treatments were already reimbursed, possibly integrated with occupational therapy and treatment by a dietician.

From now on, neuropsychological treatments are also eligible for reimbursement. Many patients with long-term corona symptoms suffer from concentration and memory loss and other cognitive problems. Occupational therapy in secondary care, for example in hospitals, can now also be reimbursed.

Partial budgets for 1,100 disabled people

About 1,100 people with disabilities will receive a partial budget from 1 December. In anticipation of the entire budget for the follower, they will already receive half of it.

The Flemish government wants to give all people with disabilities in priority group one – the group with the most urgent needs – a personal budget within eighteen months. With that budget – the entire government allocates 107 million euros – people with disabilities can buy their own care and support.

In addition to the effort for priority group one, the government is also making €20 million available for those in priority group two. Starting this month, the Flemish Agency for People with Disabilities (VAPH) will allocate half to 1,100 people – a quarter of that priority group – pending their full budget. This means that they can already meet part of their care needs.

The VAPH points out that accepting half of the budget is not mandatory. Anyone who accepts a partial budget does not lose the right to the subsequent assignment of the entire budget.

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