Things are going downhill for Darmstadt 98

“We say the same thing week after week. We can all no longer hear it. It annoys everyone, ”said the captain Fabian Holland on Friday evening. Probably based on the fact that the “lilies” have been largely responsible for explaining failures for weeks. And yet the 0-1 home defeat against Karlsruher SC did not follow the Darmstadt pattern often seen this season, in which the team draws the short straw, although they are enthusiastic and often superior in terms of play.

Now, in the worrying second half, the tension and insecurity that players have, whose heads and legs are gripped by fear of the next setback, appeared for the first time. It was astonishing how easy it was for the people of Karlsruhe to play with these Darmstadters after their remarkable hit by Choi (52nd). The “lilies” have conceded many goals this season and often at inopportune times in the game. But for the first time there was no reaction at all. “It was like torn apart with my team,” said head coach Markus Anfang, who expressed his disappointment with “a lot of mistakes, unnecessary mistakes, mistakes without pressure”. The lead over the relegation zone could melt to two points this Sunday.

But regardless of how big the cushion may be after the 23rd matchday – the season will last long enough that the anxiously hoping look at the results of the teams listed lower in the ranking will no longer be enough if the “lilies” are not soon score again myself. Only two wins from the last ten games, twelve of 23 games lost – the numbers and the current impressions point the way to a nerve-wracking relegation battle. As happened to the “lilies” so often in the years after their relegation to the Bundesliga in 2017. “The situation is difficult, but we have to go through it. We have to work hard for everything, even in training. If you are at the bottom, everything counts immediately, ”said Anfang.

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Campo is late

As much sadness exuded as the second half against the Baden candidate for promotion, the first half, viewed in isolation, can even be seen as an encouragement. The Darmstadt team did not even allow the KSC to make a dangerous goal finish with resolute work against the ball. And were quite agile in the game ahead. Attacker Serdar Dursun was presented with a – well played – chance in the 21st minute that he would almost always have used on better days. That the opponent then with his first serious

Approaching the goal shortly after the restart developed the goal of the day from a mundane throw-in, fitted into the gloomy picture of Darmstadt. It is astonishing that the coach at the beginning did not bring the internationally experienced newcomer from Basel Samuele Campo, an attacking midfielder, even when the attacking game was so obviously completely stuck. When the Swiss made his debut in the 83rd minute, everything was actually too late that evening. “We”, said the coach Anfang, and made his managers responsible, “we have players with a lot of second division experience in our ranks. Then we should be able to solve the situation better. “


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