They showed Chicote Calderón at an alleged party in the middle of the pandemic; the footballer assured that it is an “old” photo

The photo shows Calderón at an alleged party, where he is singing with a man who plays a tuba (Photo: Special)

A new scandal engulfs Mexican soccer for the theme of breaking health measures to hold a party. On this occasion it was for an alleged party in which the Mexican defender attended, Cristian “Chicote” Calderón.

This Monday, local media released a photograph of the defender from the Chivas from Guadalajara. In it you can see Calderón in a supposed party, where she is singing alongside a man who plays a tuba.

However, this Tuesday, El Chicote spoke about it of the snapshot and gave his version of the story. “Hereby I want to clarify that the photo that is circulating on social networks where I am at an event is old”commented the footballer on his Instagram account.

The footballer assured that the photograph is “old” (Photo: Instagram / @ criscalderon26)

The player recalled the occasion where he was punished by the rojiblanca institution for attending an event, after having lost a match against Cruz Azul. “On another occasion something similar came out and I had my consequences, but the photo that circulates since yesterday is not current”, assured in a story of the social network.

And it is that, in February of this year, Cristian did not attend a training for “Stomach problems”. However, the day before he was caught on the Ameca Fair, Jalisco, where he was at the concert of The Unforgettable Agua de la Llave Band.

“This kind of thing goes wrong, always the image that is given … I always think of children and young people because the players are examples of them. These things have been seen from a distance for a long time and what is intended is to put order, discipline and commitment. That they understand where they stand ”, said the then coach of the Flock, Luis Fernando Tena, on the action of the footballer.

The defender of the Chivas de Guadalajara had already been involved in a similar issue in February (Photo: Special)
The defender of the Chivas de Guadalajara had already been involved in a similar issue in February (Photo: Special)

For this reason, Cristian Calderon He asserted that this new photo is not current and has not failed to comply with health recommendations. “Today more than ever I am committed to Chivas and the Chivahermanos ”, declared the Mexican.

So far, the directive headed by Ricardo Peláez It has not commented on the matter, as it happened on the previous occasion.

In addition, the Chivas are going through a bad football moment, since they only add one point out of nine, they are located in the last place of the table and have not been able to score a goal in the tournament. Therefore, they fired Skinny Tena and are waiting for his replacement, Victor Manuel Vucetich.

Meanwhile, Michel Leaño assumed the interim position to lead the Verde Valle team this Wednesday against the Braves of Juarez. The game will be at 7:00 p.m. (Central Mexico time) and will be televised by TV Aztecaas well as the string YOU.

A similar scandal

The goalkeeper was celebrating his 30th birthday, where there were two more players, a television host and even a musical band (Photo: Special)
The goalkeeper was celebrating his 30th birthday, where there were two more players, a television host and even a musical band (Photo: Special)

This is not the first time that a similar topic has been discussed so far this month. On Saturday August 1, Hugo Gonzalez he celebrated his 30 years of life with the Colombian Dorlan Pabón, of the Rayados, and the Mexican national team Diego Reyes.

This was made known by the photographs shared on the Instagram account of the communicator Veronica Sanchez, who was also at the celebration. In addition to the presence of the footballers, you can even see a northern music band.

Although those involved defended their position and assured that they only went to congratulate the goalkeeper, Reyes reported this Monday that tested positive for COVID-19 and he accepted having made a mistake by not following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health (SSa).

Through a statement, the former from America commented that he underwent a test to detect the new coronavirus and it came out positive. “Thank God I am fine and at this moment I do not present any symptoms”, he detailed.


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