They have got off to a flying start in Norway – here they reveal the next model

One of the biggest car news in the last year comes from Swedish / Chinese Polestar. Then with the other model from there, which is simply and simply called, 2.

It is a car that many Norwegians, in the familiar electric car style, were waiting for. In just one year on the market, it has become a common sight on Norwegian roads. Although there have been some technical challenges along the way, we are talking about a proper head start for Polestar.

But the car brand, with roots in Volvo, does not stop there. On the contrary – it is geared up and given gas…

Already now they are revealing a bit about their next model. A car that should fit the Norwegian people like a glove. The third model out, which logically has been given the model designation 3, is namely an SUV. The type of car we Norwegians love above all else. It can also be a nice addition to today’s Polestar 2.

Coming next year

It should not be that far away either. Production will start during 2022.

The newcomer will also be produced in the United States. Namely at Volvo’s production facility in Ridgeville, which opened in 2018. Which underlines the close ties between the two car brands.

This we make the large and important US market a domestic market, and not an export market for Polestar.

– With production in the USA, both delivery times and the environmental impact are reduced due to the fact that cars now do not have to be transported between continents. The local production will also have a positive impact on the price, says Dennis Nobelius, head of Polestar in a press release.

We Norwegians and the rest of Europe will still have our Polestar cars delivered from China.

The leaders in autonomy

Technical details about the newcomer are scarce yet. But Polestar 3 debuts as the new generation of electric cars built on the architecture of the Volvo Car Group, designed entirely from scratch.

The electric SUV will have leading connectivity options based on Google’s infotainment system, Android Automotive OS. The car will also include the best in autonomous safety features. That’s what Polestar himself says.

Construction of Polestar 3 will start at the same time in both the USA and China. We at Broom will be back with more news and details about the newcomer as soon as it is available.

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