They are selling Polish wood. Industry rumbles: export ban needed

Wood prices they grow so fast that Polish companies cannot afford to buy the family’s raw material. – Polish companies from the wood industry will not be able to withstand financially the competition for the limited resources of Polish raw material international intermediaries, which is why we need a ban on the export of unprocessed wood, appeals Rafał Szefler, director of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of the Wood Industry.

Wood prices grow not only in Poland. All over the world, prices are soaring. Therefore, Polish companies must compete on the domestic market with foreign competitors.

– The difficult situation actually started in May, that is at system auctions. We expected prices to rise, but no one expected that in extreme cases these prices would rise by 200 or 300 percent. We also did not expect so much activity of international intermediaries in the timber trade and foreign wood corporations, which do not have their plants in Poland, but buy wood for the production of finished products for plants located in Europe or for export to the USA, where the prices went up sharply – explains Szelfer.

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There are absurd situations on the market, in which wood leaves Poland and returns as a finished product. – About 10 percent leave Poland. round wood, i.e. 4 million cubic meters of wood – this is official – says Rafał Szelfer.

Therefore, for many months the Polish timber industry has been trying to limit the role of intermediaries in the timber trade and to deal with the problem of timber exports from Poland. Such prohibitions apply, among others in Croatia or Romania.


Szelfer believes that the government is downplaying the problem. – We have been hearing for a long time that analyzes are underway, but we do not see any proposals to solve the situation. There is no impression that we are treated seriously – summarizes contacts with the government side of the director of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of the Wood Industry.





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