They are almost out! Jem Wolfie just covers himself with his arm

They are almost out!  Jem Wolfie only covers his arm (Instagram)

They are almost out! Jem Wolfie covers himself with his arm | Instagram

The beautiful model Jem Wolfie He left very little to the imagination of his followers by posing without clothes and covering only his arm, a photograph that undoubtedly made his millions of followers sigh on social networks.

Jem Wolfie is an unprofessional chef and former basketball player, but she had far more Instagram followers than many athletes, and she earns millions of dollars using a subscription-based social media website called Only fans And to top it off, Kanye West’s record company is paying him for promotional ads.

However, a few weeks ago, almost at the start of the year, her Instagram account was disabled for being so flirtatious in each of her photos on the social network.

The Perth, Western Australia resident had over 2.5 million fans on her official Instagram account, but that’s not all, as she sells her own products, eBooks and exercise recipes and earns thousands of dollars. using the OnlyFans platform.

Thanks to this page and the sales of individual products, the young woman has made over $ 1.5 million since last August and the power of fame will only increase.

And although her Instagram account was phased out, other accounts created by her followers focused on sharing her content and thus appealing to the people who loved seeing her in their posts.

On this occasion we will tell you about a photograph that has surely left more than one delirium, we see the beautiful businesswoman dressed only in a silk and her torso completely exposed covering only her hair and her left arm.

Click here for Jem Wolfie’s photo.

On the other hand, the 29-year-old former boss has also played basketball, she has even been compared to Stephen Curry, but a serious knee injury forced her to leave the field for her rehabilitation, but at the same time she returned to the gym where she started. post exercise videos for a small audience online.

Wolfie She decided to drop out of high school to work 70 hours a week in the culinary world and got a job at a cafe, but it seems like being a chef wasn’t all she expected, so she s ‘is focused on the Australian Basketball League. Occidental (WABL) and started playing more competitively.

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But as we mentioned earlier, in 2015 a serious knee injury forced her off the pitch and changed her life once again.

Wolfie then decided to keep some of his content behind an influencer payment wall and charge subscribers a monthly subscription fee for videos and photos.

In it, a person can pay $ 10 per month to view its content and since last August the curvy blonde has made over a million and a half dollars with the website.

I have a line for OnlyFans and one for Instagram because I think there is some content that should never be shown, and I keep it for a potential partner, ”said the young woman.

It should be mentioned that despite the fact that hundreds of male commentators leave messages filling her with compliments and compliments in their social media posts and videos, there are a lot of people who don’t believe that Jem’s body is real.

However, she insists that all of her curves were shaped in the gym and that it is possible for anyone to change their figure with the right knowledge and the right movements.

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