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these teachers against continuous assessment at the new bac

One week before the first session of continuous assessment of the new baccalaureate, teachers’ unions are mobilizing. They want, once again, that this test be canceled.

The first session of the continuous checks of the new bac must be held from Monday, January 20. It will be spread over a month and a half depending on the high schools. And the teachers are upwind: the unions are demanding its cancellation.

These continuous assessment tests, the E3C in jargon, do not take place on the same date, nor with the same subjects depending on the high schools. In each establishment, teachers must draw from a national subject bank. But in Parisian high schools, like that of Rémi, a history teacher, the boycott has already started: “In general assembly, we voted a motion saying that the teachers concerned by the E3C would not choose a subject. We have not chosen any subject within the time limits set by our management“The professors’ objective is clear:”Continuous testing should not be held. If the teachers do not give a subject, do not monitor, do not correct, there will be nothing.

Beyond the opposition of some to the reform of the baccalaureate, the unions denounce these last days the problems of practical organization of the tests. “It’s the most total preparation, exclaims Caroline Quiniou, teacher at Ivry, and union member at Snes. The subject bank was opened on Monday December 9, says she. That means that we did three full months of classes without having any idea of ​​the different types of subject that we were going to have in January.

This is not true, retorts the Ministry of National Education. According to Jean-Michel Blanquer, everything is ready for the holding of these new events. In the event of a boycott of professors, the institution will find solutions, says Jean-Michel Blanquer, who had already responded to unions this fall : The tests are maintained, we are ready, he says in substance. There is no point in developing unfounded concerns.


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