These are really Germany’s largest newspapers:

Excerpt from the kress pro cover story in the current issue:

The method: The basis for the creation of the ranking list “The 30 largest advertising paper publishers” is the total circulation per publication of all weekly titles that an advertising paper publisher publishes. Marketing associations going beyond this are listed in a separate table. Deutsche Post’s free-of-charge advertising booklet “Kauf aktuell” is not taken into account. The ranking of the largest German advertising papers is based on the circulation of the individual titles in relation to their total issue in the distribution area. The titles must be shown in a price list of the publisher with tariffs and appear at least once a week. The standard is the widespread or, alternatively, the printed edition; In a few cases, a corresponding edition from a separate data collection by Mediaservice Wasmuth was used. In the case of titles that appear in the same area both in the middle of the week and on the weekend, the publication with the higher circulation was rated.

Top 25 of advertising newspapers (title, circulation, editor-in-chief, publisher):

1. Berliner Abendblatt / 1,353,370 / Ulf Teichert / BVZ advertising newspapers, Berlin

2nd Berlin week / 1.309.275 / Hendrik Stein / Funke Berlin weekly newspaper

3. Wochenblatt, Pfalz / Baden / 993.250 / Jens Vollmer / Süwe Vertriebs- und Dienstleistungsges., Ludwigshafen

4. Weekly courier / 900.399 / Claudia Welsch / Wochenkurier local publisher

5. General scoreboard / 807.825 / Michael Steinfeld / Funke Thüringen Wochenblatt, Erfurt


Top 30 of the advertising paper publishers:

1. Funke NRW weekly newspaper – Managing Director Axel Schindler – Edition: 2,903,850

In December 1976 the WVW Westdeutsche Verlags- und Werbegesellschaft was founded in Essen as a subsidiary of the then WAZ media group (today Funke media group). It now operates under the name of Funke NRW Wochenblatt and, together with its sister publisher ORA (2nd place), publishes more than 80 local editions, most of which as “Stadtanzeiger”, “Stadtspiegel” or “Wochenblatt” are free and up to two times a week in the post boxes in North Rhine-Westphalia -Westphalian communities land. According to the publisher, the WVW / ORA titles in the distribution area, which stretches from the Lower Rhine via the Ruhr area to the Sauerland, together have a household coverage of around 95 percent. The advertising papers are also present online, bundled in the Lokalkompass portal, which relies heavily on user-generated content and for which more than a thousand so-called citizen reporters post texts and images from their home country.

2. Ostruhr advertising paper company – Heinz Jäger, Axel Schindler – Edition: 1,432,350

Ostruhr-Werbungblattgesellschaft (ORA) was founded in December 1977 as a joint subsidiary of Lensing Media and Funke Mediengruppe (then WAZ). The ORA titles appear in the cities and catchment areas of Bochum, Bottrop, Wattenscheid, Castrop-Rauxel, Gladbeck, Dorsten, Dortmund, Haltern, Lünen, Schwerte, Witten. They bring it to a good 1.4 million copies, which corresponds to about half the circulation of the closely related WVW advertising papers. In co-managing director Axel Schindler, who has been with the Funke media group since 1999, the family connection between the two advertising newspaper publishers is also clear in terms of personnel.

3. Press house Bintz-Verlag – Managing directors: Daniel Schöningh, Thomas Kühnlein – Edition: 1,372,380

The press house Bintz-Verlag, which belongs to the Ippen group (“Offenbach-Post”), publishes around a dozen district editions in the city and district of Offenbach as well as in the Frankfurt, Hanau, and Taunus regions. In addition, the weekend newspaper “Rhein-Main Extra Tipp” appears with a circulation of almost one million copies. Its focus is on local news, sports reports and colorful topics in tabloid style, while the website is designed to be national and draws content from the Ippen digital editorial network.

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