These Arab countries are most vulnerable to natural disasters and climate change

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Within the results of the Global Risk Index 2022 report issued by the “Development of Assistance” coalition that integrates several German relief organizations based in Aachen, the Philippines, India and Indonesia occupied the first three positions for the countries with the highest risks of natural disasters and climate change at the global level. .

The index focuses on measuring the level of disaster risk from natural events and the negative consequences of climate change in 193 countries around the world, as it is calculated for each country based on the average size of exposure and vulnerability.

The level of vulnerability represents the probability that the population will face earthquakes, tsunamis, coastal and river floods, hurricanes, drought, and sea level rise, while the level of vulnerability reflects the social domain, which includes the structural characteristics and conditions of society that increase the overall probability of the population suffering damages caused by natural events, in addition to the capacities and measures Different societies take to face the negative effects of natural hazards and climate change in the short and long term.

In the Arab world, Somalia ranked first among the countries with the highest risk of exposure to natural events and the negative consequences of climate change, followed by Yemen, then Egypt. Here is a look at the infographic on the ranking of Arab countries in the Global Risk Index for 2022.

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