There was already another studio that wanted to make the remake of KOTOR

One of the surprises that the PlayStation Showcase left us was the announcement of Star Wars: KOTOR Remake, the return of the Bioware classic at the hands of Aspyr. The title, which does not have a release date at the moment, will not revive the history of Knights of the Old Republic like never before. However, this project that will see the light was not the first attempt to make a remake of the original game.

As we discovered thanks to a thread created on Twitter by Trent Oster, CEO of the Beamdog studio, his team has already been working on a remake of the game that will not see the light of day.

KOTOR remake may have been developed by Beamdog

As Trent states, he and his team were working for some time on The Reforged Collection, his vision of what a KOTOR remake would look like. As he comments on his Twitter thread, in the studio now they know who were the ones who got ahead of them and got the rights to the game to carry out this work. However, although he regrets that his project cannot see the light of day, Tren affirms that he is sure that “The fans will have a remake of KOTOR and that is wonderful. I’m sure the Aspyr team will do a great job. “

In addition, Trent in his thread has shown some images of how they were posing this work, as you can see below these lines. He has also confirmed that no more will be taught about this project in which they dedicated a lot of time and love and that it will not see the light of day.

Star Wars: KOTOR Remake is being developed by Aspyr Media and will arrive on PC and Ps5 first, arriving later on Xbox.

There was already another studio that wanted to do the KOTOR remake - Beamdog has confirmed, through its CEO, that they were interested in working on the KOTOR remake, but Aspyr was ahead of them.

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