There is no device from Sberbank – Newspaper Kommersant No. 9 (7454) of 01/19/2023

The manufacturer of smart devices SberDevices has issued documents for the supply of tablets and laptops of its own design to the EAEU countries. The company, which formally left the ownership of Sberbank, claims that the devices will be used for their own needs. But, according to Kommersant, several thousand tablets have already been delivered to Sberbank for testing and subsequent launch on the consumer and corporate markets. Competing in retail with well-known SberDevices brands will not be easy, experts say: devices must be sufficiently productive to be successful.

SalyutDevices LLC (brand SberDevices) has filed declarations of conformity for a line of consumer electronics, according to the registry data for delivery to the EAEU (Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan).

On January 16, the company declared tablets under the Tab brand, and in September 2022, laptops and personal computers, follows from the Unified Register of Conformity Certificates.

SberDevices develops devices with the Salyut voice assistant and smart home components. Now there are no computers and servers in its public line, but in December 2022 the company announced the release of new smart devices. Computers are assembled in pilot mode for our own needs, the press service of SberDevices told Kommersant: “It is important for us to provide employees with equipment in a timely manner.” In December, SberDevices also registered certificates for Centrum servers, SmartRack software and hardware systems and other computer equipment, follows from the registry data.

Sberbank, after the imposition of US sanctions in April 2022, withdrew from the capital of a number of technology companies whose products made up its ecosystem: SberZvuk (now Sound), SberCloud (now Cloud), etc. In January, Sberbank told CNews , which is also no longer a shareholder of Salyut Devices, but the company continues to use the Sber brand. The bank did not answer “Kommersant”.

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The devices declared by Salyut Devices, according to the documents, are produced at various sites in China.

Shenzhen iNet Mobile Internet Technology, which in 2019-2020 produced tablets for Aquarius Group of Companies, and Inferit laptops (Softline group) in 2022, was named as the manufacturer of tablets.

Among the production sites of new devices from SberDevices, there is also an address in Moscow, which coincides with the legal address of SalyutDevices and the address of the head office of Sberbank. In December, SalyutDevices also bought 100% of Elpitech LLC, which manufactures computers and motherboards based on Baikal processors.

At the end of 2022, SalyutDevices delivered to Sberbank a batch of several thousand tablets that are being tested and planned for use in retail branches, says a Kommersant source on the market: “Subsequently, this will allow SalyutDevices to expand the line of devices supplied to the open market “.

In the Russian retail market, there is already “an excess of companies importing equipment under their own brand”, but SalyutDevices can use the resources of the country’s largest bank for distribution, Fintech Lab analyst Sergey Vilyanov believes:

“If laptops and tablets are sold on SberMegaMarket, they will certainly take first place on its pages.”

A spokesman for F+ tech (the parent company of Marvel Distribution), however, notes that retail consumers are still more likely to choose well-known brands. To be successful in the B2C segment, he notes, tablets and computers from SberDevices must meet performance expectations: “Consumers prefer devices that are adapted for viewing multimedia content.” The sale of tablets to the corporate (B2B) and public sector (B2G), in his opinion, is more promising, but in these markets, as part of import substitution programs, not only “technical specifications and the country of assembly, but the operating system on which the devices will work” are important.

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Yuri Litvinenko, Nikita Korolev

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