There are still a lot of ways to improve the action camera –

Gopro has introduced a new action camera Hero9. You may be wondering why there is a new model again, when even last year’s basically does not have adequate competition. And you would probably expect that nine will be just a light upgrade of the existing eight. But it’s different, Gopro wants to convince us to buy a newer camera again and gives us some strong arguments.

5K video, front display and balanced horizon

But what else can be imagined on an action camera? For example front display. It is newly colored and thus offers the possibility to shoot selfie videos with shot control. This option was offered by the DJI Osmo Action camera, which was perhaps the only one that managed to keep up with Gopro cameras in terms of image quality and stabilization, while the front display was one of the few competitive advantages. It’s not now.

Of course, the image quality of the nine has also improved and the camera is now capable shoot videos in 5K resolution. This will allow the creators to correct the crop or a slight software flick while maintaining the full quality of 4K.

In 4K, the camera can shoot at 60 frames per second, 5K can handle 30 frames. Of course, it is also possible to shoot in a lower resolution, while in Full HD you can shoot up to 240 frames per second. Photos are captured at a resolution of 20 Mpx and you can save them in RAW.

Another significant change are “Interchangeable lenses”. I used quotation marks because the built-in optics remain in the camera permanently, but you can replace the last members of the optical path. In addition to the default cover, Gopro will also offer an alternative wide-angle lens, and we can expect to offer additional lenses and filters in the future, either directly from Gopro or third-party manufacturers. The handle is metal and sealed, it should last.

Stabilization has also been worked on. Under the marketing name Hypersmooth 3.0, imagine even more stable shots, even though previous generations have been great in this regard. A novelty, however, is the function for balancing the horizon, which was previously only available in the application and directly had only a 360 ° camera GoPro Max.

You will appreciate the leveling off the horizon for all the activities you lean on, typically cycling, motorcycling, skiing … basically anything. With the camera attached to the body, such as the chest grip, the image tilted with you, losing sight of the dynamics of the movement. Therefore, mechanical gimbals have been used to balance the horizon, but this will no longer be needed.

Larger dimensions, weight and price

Another important innovation is increase endurance. Gopro states that by 30%. It could be believed, because the capacity of the battery itself has increased. The negative consequence, however, is that it is mild they also increased the dimensions and weight the cameras themselves – measures 71 × 55 × 34 mm and weighs 159 g. For comparison, the figure eight measures 66 × 49 × 28 mm and weighs 126 g.

As with the previous generation, the camera is fully waterproof at the base and you don’t need another case. Likewise, the mount is integrated directly into the camera. However, Modes will be available for purchase, which will provide the camera with better audio, a larger preview display or additional light. Perhaps it will not be as tragic with their availability as with the previous generation …

The camera was introduced last night and immediately went on sale. It costs CZK 12,999 in the Czech Republic. In addition, the 360 ​​° Max model remains on sale, which is still unchanged and costs the same as the Hero9 Black. Older generations of Hero Black cameras will also be sold, but their prices will be reduced.

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