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In the era of one mobile phone, mobile games have become a way of entertainment for modern people to connect feelings. However, in the world of mobile games that are blooming, what new games are we looking forward to this year? So the editor compiled the “7 most distinctive mobile games in 2021, let’s take a look!”

1. “Demon Slayer Blade, Blood Wind Sword Halberd Battle Royale”

Time to market: Not yet announced

Distribution platform: iOS, Android

No matter it is in the world or the whole world, “Demon Slayer Blade” will also launch a mobile game! This “Demon Slayer Blade Bloodwind Sword Halberd Battle Royale” will be divided into two camps, ghost and ghost killing team, for a bloody battle royale competition.

The game adopts asymmetrical gameplay. The number of players who choose the ghost camp will be less, while the number of players in the ghost killing team camp will be larger, and they can also use character-specific moves to attack.

2. 《Deemo II》

Time to market: now available

Distribution platform: Android

After the music rhythm game “Deemo” developed by Rhea was launched in 2013, the varying and difficult piano playing method and slightly suspenseful plot were quite fascinating, and the final ending I don’t know how many players cried. After years of waiting, the second generation of the “Deemo” series is about to be launched!

Although only the leading concept video is released, according to the video screen, the music game should still be played by the corresponding key to achieve the Combo cumulative high score. As for whether the plot will be as touching as a generation, let us look forward to it!

3.《Pokemon Unite》

Time to market: Not yet announced

Distribution platform: iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch

The charm of Pokémon is far-reaching. The birth of “Pokemon Go” brought this classic IP into reality, and everyone of all ages and men can enjoy the fun of “grabbing treasure”. And Pokemon also announced last year that it will cooperate with Tencent’s Tianmei Studio to jointly create the first MOBA competitive game “Pokemon Unite”!

Perhaps players may want to say, how is this game different from team competitive games such as “League of Legends” and “League of Legends”? “Pokemon Unite” does not simply divide Pokémon into two teams for a 5V5 fight, but will need to capture the wild Pokémon that haunts the map, and then get the corresponding score points to get points. The high-scoring team will win. In addition to being online on the mobile platform, the game will also support Switch to play, and it will also be able to cross-platform online battles! Dear trainers, get ready to take your beloved Pokémon to join the epic chaos~

4.《Pokemon Sleep》

Time to market: now available

Distribution platform: iOS, Android

As mentioned earlier, Pokémon has launched “Pokemon Go” and will launch a MOBA team competition game in the future. What surprises can Pokémon offer players? This “Pokemon Sleep” also focuses on creating a connection with reality, making sleeping also very interesting.

“Pokemon Sleep” combines games and sleep, advocates turning “sleep into entertainment“, so that players can regard sleep as the goal of the game, thereby improving the quality of sleep. Just looking at the introduction of the game, I feel a positive and healthy power. It seems that this game should be quite suitable to recommend to the night owl friends around me to play in the pit!

5. “Ni no Kuni: Crossing the World”

Time to market: now available

Distribution platform: iOS, Android

Is life in the real world always overwhelming? Step into the virtual reality game “Soul Divers” through the latest technology and meet another self, and discover that the two worlds of reality and virtual are actually closely connected…”Ninokuni: Interlaced World” is created by Netmarble The MMORPG role-playing game created in collaboration with Japanese game development team Level-5 and Studio Ghibli inherits the unique world view of the original “Ninokuni” and enters the interlaced world to embark on a wonderful adventure.

According to the currently open game information, players can choose from five professions: swordsman, saboteur, technician, wizard, and gangster, and each character has a different identity background in reality. The music in the game is magnificent, and the art also has a strong Ghibli style, which makes people unconsciously plunge into the fantasy world.

6. “Diablo: Immortality”

Time to market: Not yet announced

Distribution platform: iOS, Android

The classic ARPG “Diablo” series is about to launch the mobile game “Diablo: Immortality”, and the Alpha test version was also opened at the end of last year. It seems that the time to market is not far away!

The game is expected to open six major occupations: barbarians, monks, occultists, magic hunters, priests, and necromancers. In addition, the game will also provide a more intuitive operating system for mobile devices, and expand endless refreshing Treasure tour.

7. “Ma Niang: Beautiful Horse Racing”

Time to market: February 24

Distribution platform: iOS, Android

The “anthropomorphization” of various things in reality can be said to be a hot trend in Japan, such as the familiarization of guns, ships and ships, and even the national flag into super handsome men, even the human body. Cells and excreted feces can all be personified. The “Ma Niang Beautiful Horse Racing” introduced this time anthropomorphizes the horse racing!

In the game, players can nurture Ma Niang beautiful girls to participate in racing competitions, and actively carry out various training to improve Ma Niang’s ability value, and make strides with the goal of becoming the leading “Japan’s No. 1 Ma Niang”!

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