There are 13,253 Active Cases in DKI, Is the PSBB Strictly Extended?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government noted that currently there were 13,253 active cases on Saturday (10/10/20). The large number of Covid-19 patients who are still being treated or in isolation occurred in the middle of the last days of the implementation of the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) policy.

The Jakarta PSBB as scheduled will end on Monday (11/10/20). There is no official statement yet whether this strict PSBB will be extended or even relaxed.

The total number of Confirmation cases in Jakarta to date is 85,617 cases. Of the total number of cases, 70,487 people were declared cured with a recovery rate of 82.3%, and a total of 1,877 people died with a death rate of 2.2%, while Indonesia’s death rate was 3.6%.

The positivity rate or the percentage of positive cases in the past week in Jakarta was 11.1%, while the percentage of positive cases in total was 8.1%. WHO also sets a standard percentage of positive cases of no more than 5%.

Head of Disease Prevention and Control Division, DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office, Dwi Oktavia explained, based on the latest data from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office, a total of 10,359 specimen PCR tests were carried out. Of those tests, 8,080 people were tested for PCR today to diagnose a new case with 952 positive and 7,128 negative results.

“However, the total addition of positive cases was 1,253 cases, because there was an accumulation of data as many as 301 cases from 1 vertical hospital laboratory in the last 7 days that were just reported. The total PCR test rate per 1 million population was 98,688. The number of people tested for PCR in the last week as many as 63,474, “he said in a press statement.

In the re-application of the PSBB, like the beginning of the pandemic, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government advised people who wish to enter the Jakarta area to carry out self-examination for COVID-19 through JakCLM on the JAKI application.

Through JakCLM, the public can find out about the risks of COVID-19 and get various health recommendations according to the risks they have. Community contributions in filling the JakCLM can help the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to prevent the spread of COVID-19 cases in Jakarta.

Through the Satpol PP of the DKI Jakarta Province, prosecution for violations of using masks will also be intensified, as well as other forms of PSBB violations. So, it is hoped that the public can be more disciplined in applying health protocols and participating in breaking the chain of transmission of COVID-19.

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