Home Entertainment the young lover made the TV presenter copy the inheritance to him?

the young lover made the TV presenter copy the inheritance to him?

Angelina does not have her own children, so all the property can go to Mikhail Kunitsyn.

Angelina Vovk quite surprised the public when she showed her new lover. The TV presenter is 77 years old, and her new chosen one is 22 years younger than her. The age difference is further enhanced by the fact that Mikhail Kunitsyn looks much younger than his age. However, it seems that the young lover Vovk with her is not just because of great love.

Apparently, Michael forced Angelina to transfer the inheritance to him. Recently, she was noticed near the registry office, but fans do not believe that they came to tie the knot. Moreover, they fear lest she be deceived. Some suggested that she came there for the registration of the inheritance, because the registry office is not only for marriage. Since the TV presenter has a fairly solid state, in almost 80 years of her life she managed to earn enough wealth, she is a tidbit for those who are looking for easy money. Vovk does not have his own children, so Kunitsyn could use her advanced age to put pressure.

It’s no secret that older people are very malleable and trusting. It can be senile disturbances in thinking and strong pressure from outside, so it would not be difficult for Michael to convince his elderly beloved to write her property to him. After all, she probably could not even think that her faithful could deceive her.

However, for Mikhail everything is working out in the best way: the absence of children, old age and untold wealth. And he himself is still in his prime. Probably, fans of the TV presenter are not in vain worried, because there are many examples of what such unions can lead to.



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