The “worrying” escalation of tension in Dombás, the border between Ukraine and Russia where Moscow has redeployed tanks and troops

  • Lioman Lima – @liomanlima
  • BBC World News

7 hours

Image source, Conflict Intelligence Team


Images of the deployment of Russian forces to eastern Ukraine began to circulate from the end of March.

One of the most unstable areas in the world trembles again at the advance of Russian tanks.

Since the end of March, satellite images and videos leaked on social networks began to show an extensive deployment of heavy artillery and Russian troops towards the Dombás region, in the border area in eastern Ukraine, where a conflict began in 2014 that It’s not over yet.

According to the research group Conflict Intelligence TeamThe Kremlin has not only transported military forces to the area, but has also set up numerous camps on the border.

“It is probably the largest military mobilization that Ukraine has seen in its vicinity since 2015,” Anders Åslund, a researcher at the Atlantic Council, tells BBC Mundo. think tank based in Washington.

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