The words of a Russian official about high unemployment benefits were explained: Society: Russia:

The words of an official from Bashkiria, who spoke about Russians who earn well from unemployment benefits, were taken out of context. URA.RU was informed about this at the Neftekamsk employment center, where the woman works.

The department clarified that their employee made a report and said that some unemployed citizens receive payments above the minimum wage. “The television made a cut of the official’s remarks, taking them out of context,” said Irina Semenikhina, deputy director of the Neftekamsk Employment Center, adding that the civil servant did not want to offend anyone.

Formerly an employee of the city employment center suspected in the freezing of non-working Russians who receive unemployment benefits. She said that, in addition to an allowance of 5175 rubles, many receive an additional payment of three thousand for each child in the family. As a result, a family with three children is allocated almost 15 thousand rubles a month. Because of the high payments, citizens are not looking for work, the official said.

In Bashkiria, the minimum wage in 2020 was 12,130 rubles. In the employment center of Neftekamsk, townspeople are offered to get a job as a kitchen worker with a salary of 13 thousand rubles, a primary school teacher – 14 thousand rubles, a cleaner – 14 thousand rubles, a third-class baker – 18 thousand rubles.

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