The WhatsApp desktop application already allows you to share contacts and create polls

Users of this version of WhatsApp also add the ability to generate polls announced by Mark Zuckerberg in early November. (photo: Addictions)

A new update of the app writing desk Whatsapp by system windows allows users the ability to share business cards Contact from the platform Messenger service just like it does from its mobile version.

As reported by the WABetaInfo website, this function has already been launched for some users and as the days and weeks go by, more and more people will integrate it function to this version, available for download on desktop and laptop computers from Microsoft Store free.

As with the question of smartphonesto be able to share a contact within a chat Whatsappusers will need to access the attachment menu by clicking on the paper clip icon and then choosing the Contact option, which will open a wind popup where you can search for a’s name Contact especially to send. Once the user finds the contact, he can select and send it.

Send contacts on the desktop application in WhatsApp for Windows.  (To catch)
Send contacts on the desktop application in WhatsApp for Windows. (To catch)

The update that allows users to set up polls with various options within a conversation Whatsapp It came to the mobile version a few weeks ago. Although its availability is still limited for some mobile phones, the developers of the application for windows They have already enabled this feature on the Windows platform.

To be able to use it in a chat window, group or personal, the user must click on the paper clip icon to access the menu of the attachments. Once inside, you can select the option to Pollwhich will open a pop-up window where you can configure 12 options choose.

Also, each option you set can display a emojis or a particular icon just like any other message within the app. The results They will be updated automatically based on user responses and it is possible to change the direction of the vote. unlike others Applications which have similar characteristics, there is no limit weather where you can answer.

Take surveys in the Windows version of WhatsApp.  (To catch)
Take surveys in the Windows version of WhatsApp. (To catch)

Unlike its version for desksThe application of Whatsapp for Smartphones announced its most recent update in early November, when Mark Zuckerberg indicated that they would add Community the platform as a way to interact with chat groups within the platform.

“With the Communities, the administrators will have the Instruments to organize the talks (…)”, said the chairman and CEO of Meta in a video posted on his personal account on Instagram.

Managers are more important with the launch community as more moderation tools have been provided, such as the ability to remove messages it doesn’t matter who sent it within a group chat. When this happens, users will be able to tell that the message has been removed by an admin.

The new WhatsApp update allows users to make calls with up to 32 people at the same time.  (Whatsapp)
The new WhatsApp update allows users to make calls with up to 32 people at the same time. (Whatsapp)

S calls Groups are also part of this big update and it has been determined that they can have a total of 32 participants at the same time. In this sense, users also have the ability to program video calls with links that can be shared and the number of people who can participate within a chat group has been increased from 500 to 1.024.

Finally, understanding that security is also an important feature that users can benefit from, Whatsapp stated that all messages, including the record and the calls are end-to-end encrypted, which prevents the application from collecting them information.

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