The war in Ukraine – – Will show them in six seconds

I a video message shared on Twitter According to the BBC’s Russia expert Francis Scarr, Kadyrov said that “the problems in Ukraine are over” and that he is now interested in Poland.

“After we finish in Ukraine, as soon as we receive the order, we will show them within six seconds what we are capable of,” he says.

Do not let it pass

Kadyrov further asks that Poland ask for official forgiveness the attack on the Russian ambassador Sergei Andreyev.

Two weeks ago, the ambassador was soaked in red when he was to lay a wreath at a monument to fallen Soviet soldiers in Warsaw.

DEMONSTRANTS: The Russian ambassador to Poland, Sergei Andreyev, was drenched in red paint by protesters as he visited a monument to fallen Soviet soldiers in Warsaw. Video: Twitter.
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In videos published on social media, one could see that a group of people were waiting for the ambassador at the monument, and that they then, in full public, soaked him in what was apparently red paint.

– We will not let it pass, says Kadyrov in the video, which is also mentioned by the media as Expressen and Newsweek.

Has assisted Ukraine

Poland has received millions of Ukrainian refugees since the war began in late February. The country is a strong supporter of Ukraine’s desire to join the EU.

Poland has become an important staging post for humanitarian aid from the West, as well as weapons, which are sent to Ukraine. The country has also assisted Ukraine in sending grain and other agricultural products to the world market, as Russia has blocked Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea.

Earlier this week, Ukraine and Poland entered into a border cooperation – referred to as a historic bilateral agreement by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The agreement stipulates that the two countries will establish joint border control. In the long term, the plan is for the countries to also establish a railway company that will contribute to improving Ukraine’s export opportunities by making it easier to transport goods to the EU.

EXPLOSED: A new video published on the platform Telegram is to show an attack on a Russian tank in the Donetsk area in eastern Ukraine. Reporter: Bjørge Dahle Johansen. Video: Telegram
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Private army

Kadyrov was recently promoted to lieutenant general in the Russian army for his role in the invasion of Ukraine. His virtually private army, the infamous “Kadyrovites”, fought side by side with Russian forces in the war.

Already in the early days of the war, Kadyrov announced that he “has 70,000 volunteer forces ready to fight for our state, Russia,” and during a grand event in the capital Grozny on February 25, 10,000 of his subjects volunteered for service.

Chechnya is one of Russia’s sub-republics, and has been ravaged by internal unrest for decades. Kadyrov and Putin are interdependent; while the elected Kadyrov does not help the Russian president keep the Islamist forces in the region in check, he has Putin behind him as sole ruler of the republic.

PUTIN AND KADYROV: Vladimir Putin and Ramzan Kadyrov have a mutual dependency.  Photo: Reuters / NTB Click to add image caption

PUTIN AND KADYROV: Vladimir Putin and Ramzan Kadyrov have a mutual dependency. Photo: Reuters / NTB Click to add image caption
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The “Kadyrovites” attracted early attention in the Ukraine war, because an elite unit, according to Ukrainian authorities, was sent to assassinate President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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