The terrible plane crash is still a mystery. It was mafia sabotage, survivors say

Investigators pleaded guilty to the disaster with pilots who allegedly disobeyed air traffic control instructions. Nevertheless, doubts about the tragedy of the Alitalia AZ 112 flight, which fell in the Montagna Long mountains and killed all 115 passengers and crew, soon began to raise doubts. And they haven’t disappeared to this day.

They came to celebrate Labor Day, death awaited them. The massacre was triggered by Sicilian Robin Hood

The pilots’ association, some survivors, and one of the investigative reports claim that the accident was in fact targeted sabotage. The Italian mafia could have had her fingers in it. “Gradually, after the disaster, there was talk of human failure, attack, sabotage. The truth about the cause of the accident, which left fifty widows and ninety-eight orphans, but remains shrouded in mystery even after fifty years, “states the Italian server Palermo Today.

Although even this secret could be broken. Only recently has a book been published that confirms the whole theory of the mafia attack. “The main thesis of the publication by Rosaria Ardita Marretta, a professor of aerodynamics at the University of Palermo, is that the plane crash was caused by sabotage. Book Unconventional aerial investigation methods. The case of Alitalia AZ 112 it completely refutes the conclusions reached by the judges in the trial, which ended in 1984, who blamed the pilots, “warns the Italian daily La Repubblica.

Clear skies

The Alitalia AZ 112 flew from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport on May 5, 1972, to Palermo, Italy. Except that the evening flight was delayed by half an hour at the start, everything went without any problems. “Most of the passengers were ordinary Sicilians returning from the capital to their families. However, there were also a few celebrities in the machine, such as director Franco Indovina and Deputy Attorney General of Palermo Ignazio Alcamo, who took care of the imprisonment of the Mafia-affiliated businessman Francesco Vassally and the later wife of mafia boss Salvatore Riina Antonietta Bagarello, “says the Italian daily La Nazione.

Sunken cruise ship Costa Concordia.

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Shortly after ten in the evening, the flight, led by experienced captain Robert Baroli, was approaching its destination, Palermo’s Falcone Borsellino Airport, then called Punta Raisi. “It was a warm evening, no wind. The flight AZ 112 approached Palermo in the night sky with excellent conditions, “says Palermo Today.

But he never made it to the runway again. At around 10:23 p.m., the plane suddenly crashed into the Montagna Long Mountains between the cities of Carini and Cinisi. The machine crashed into the ridge at an altitude of 935 meters above sea level, then slid down and shattered into small pieces on the rocks of the mountains below.

A spoiled process?

Even if one of the 115 people on board survived the crash, he probably wouldn’t be able to help in time. The flight control and people from the surrounding area quickly alerted the rescuers, but they reached the wreckage for three hours in difficult terrain. “The bodies were scattered within a few hundred meters,” says Palermo Today.

Investigators soon arrived at the scene together with the rescuers. After the disaster investigation was concluded, a trial began, which in 1984 resulted in a verdict, according to which the whole accident was the fault of pilots who disobeyed the flight dispatchers’ instructions regarding altitude. All the survivors were in absolute shock at the time.

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Nobody believed this version. According to many people, the court did not provide a lot of information that suggested a different scenario of a tragic event. “Some witnesses from nearby Cinisi claimed to have seen the plane on fire in the sky before the crash. However, the court did not address this. The Italian Association of Airliner Pilots has again pointed out that mistakes on the part of pilots are completely ruled out due to their extensive experience, “writes the daily La Nazione.

The crown was put on all doubts by the sensational finding of one of the survivors. “Maria Eleonora Fais discovered a report after several years, Deputy Chief of Police Giuseppe Peri, according to which the plane was hit by an explosion or shooting,” reports La Nazione. Peri’s report of the crime blamed a group of people connected to the mafia. The court allegedly completely ignored it.

Not just speculation

In any case, the finding of Peri’s report was the last straw for the bereaved and he has been trying to reopen the investigation ever since. Part of these efforts was to address Professor Marretta, an aerodynamics specialist. Based on his research, a book was created that no one in Italy wanted to publish, so the text written in 2017 was not published until the beginning of this year in a British publishing house. “Professor Marretta’s findings are correct with allegations of sabotage. The expert came to his conclusions with complex mathematical calculations that were not possible half a century ago due to the lack of adequate computers, ”says Giornale di Sicilia.

Marretta claims that a micro-charge was placed in the wing of the aircraft, which caused a fuel leak and its subsequent ignition – and ultimately the impact of the aircraft into the mountain. He is absolutely sure of his conclusions. “I do not speak of any hypotheses. The probability of what I am claiming is as high as a DNA test can provide information about a person’s identity, “said the professor.

He also substantiates his claims with the condition of the grass around the crash site, which does not indicate that the plane would start burning and explode on impact, or in a way that was too strange in which the black box of the machine was destroyed. The survivors of the investigation have already been submitted to the prosecutor’s office and believe that the case will be reopened this time.

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