The styles of Samsung can now also be ordered to measure. But only somewhere

From its Galaxy Z Flip 3, Samsung has decided to make it probably the most stylish smartphone on the market. In several world markets, he has prepared an opportunity for customers to order a phone tailored to their own tastes. The principle is simple: the customer can choose from two frame colors (silver and black) and the back cover colors of both halves of the phone in the web configurator. Here is a selection of blue, lute, rov, bl and ern. Colors can be combined in any way, Samsung is so hard that a total of 49 different combinations are available. Whenever the phone then orders the customer directly from the factory, it is made to measure.

According to Samsung, this is made possible by a newly advanced digital chain, which orders orders for production. During the production process, there are checks to see if the actual phone meets the order. In the Bespoke Studio web application, customers can then configure the individually designed Galaxy Watch 4 in a similar way.

Customers can demand the possibility of individualization in only a few selected markets. In addition to the domestic Korean market, news will be available in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany and France. In these markets, customers can order their custom Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition or their Galaxy Watch 4 Bespoke Edition watches from the moment the new products are introduced. The price of a custom-made flexible smartphone is set at 1,149 euros (ie 29.4 thousand crowns) on European markets, the customer will immediately receive a memory variant with 256 GB of internal memory (a storage of 128 GB is not available as Bespoke Edition).

The fee for individualization is therefore acceptable 50 euros, in the amount less than 1,300 crowns. We remind you that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 with 128 GB of memory costs 26,990 crowns, the 256 GB version costs 28,990 crowns.

With the introduction of these innovations, Samsung has shown a new user environment One UI 4. The environment is based on Android 12 and will receive both new models and in the form of updating some existing devices. When the model could be updated, Samsung did not publish it.

Other stylish innovations from Samsung are the Galaxy Buds 2 headphones and the Galaxy Watch 4 in the ready-made edition with the Maison Kitsun lifestyle logo. In this case, the water is muted and given a distinctive logo with light. Customers can then equip customers with Maison Kitsun wallpapers and graphics. Even these news will be available again only in some markets (which they specifically are, Samsung will not mention this time).



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