The savior of Nissan in the Czech Republic will be surprised by the price and equipment. What is Qashqai up to against Karoq?

The third generation of the Nissan Qashqai is significantly different from its predecessor. Above all, it received a new foundation for CMF-C, which is an alliance platform for Renault and Nissan. With it, the external dimensions of the car increased, the wheelbase, for example, to 2665 mm. The trunk can hold 461 liters, and after the rear seats are folded down, almost 1,600 liters.

Technology has also changed. Forget about turbodiesel, on the contrary, the car will always have assistance in the form of at least basic electrification. After all, 12V mild hybrids are so far the only units that Qashqai offers on the Czech market. The e-Power version, where the wheels are driven by an electric motor and used as a power generator for a petrol unit, will not be available until next year.

At the moment, the applicant has a choice of two versions of the mildhybrid supercharged thirteen DIG-T. It is 103 kW weaker and, in combination with a six-speed manual transmission, speaks 6.4 to 6.6 l / 100 km, 116 kW more powerful and much more rough to choose from.

The basis is a front wheel with manual transmission and consumption of 6.4 to 6.7 l / 100 km. For 40 thousand crowns, however, the same engine with a driven front axle can be obtained from a machine with a continuously variable transmission, called the X-Tronic connection. Consumption then remains virtually the same. And the third option is the same engine with automatic and all-wheel drive, with consumption rising to 6.7 to 7.2 l / 100 km. The surcharge for the ATV is, by the way, another 40 thousand crowns and above all.

You can read more about the new generation here a here.



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