The Ruin of the Instagram King Who Loves Partying and Riding Yachts


Dan Bilzerian often referred to asKing of Instagram‘, but it turns out that his life is not as smooth as on social media. On Instagram which already has 32.8 million followers, Bilzerian often shares his glamorous life and is surrounded by beautiful women.

Dan Bilzerian calls himself a poker player. He also claimed to have pocketed millions of dollars thanks to his skill in playing poker.

From his uploads, there are also many photos of him on a yacht and partying while introducing his brand, Ignite. Ignite is a company that sells various products such as e-cigarettes or vapes, liquor such as vodka, to marijuana.

But Bilzerian’s lifestyle has been glamorous for a long time, his father is referred to as an old rich man so it is not surprising that his son is also full of luxurious facilities.

Bilzerian rents an apartment at a price of USD 200 thousand per month or around IDR 2.9 billion more, reports Poker Tube. His car is also luxurious and he owns several mansions in Los Angeles and San Diego. Not to mention, if he has to travel, he doesn’t hesitate to rent a luxurious house to live in.



However, her life is not as beautiful as her Instagram posts. In fact, this Ignite company turned out to have suffered losses of up to USD 50 million in 2019 based on reports on the Canadian Stock Exchange. Allegedly, this is because Bilzerian often uses the company’s money for his personal needs, even though he evades this activity as part of a promotion.

Meanwhile, citing Forbes, in 2019, Ignite lost a significant amount of that money only for operating expenses, mostly marketing and promotions, office rent, and compensation for staff and executives. Not only that, his business in the cannabis sector also reaped many pros and cons, so he decided to stop going into the business.

However, Bilzerian did not accept and was angry at being accused of being the ‘Fake King’. He did not stop to show how successful the business he built was.

“We’ve sold 100 million vapes so far and this is just the beginning. Those who talk nonsense, shut up,” he wrote in one of his posts on Instagram. I do not know how long the glory of the King of Instagram will last.

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