The production of Dacia’s latest C-segment SUV will take place in Romania.

Romanian carmaker Dacia has announced that its new C-segment SUV based on the Bigster concept, scheduled to hit the market in 2025, will be produced at its plant in the city of Mioveni, Romania. In addition to this, the next generation Duster will also be produced at the same location, writes Romania Insider.

“True to the spirit of Dacia, the new SUV – strong and spacious, will be launched on the market in 2025. Just one year earlier, in 2024, the third generation of the Duster model will appear on the assembly line of the factory in Mioveni” , the car company said in a statement.

Both the upcoming Duster and the new SUV based on the Bigster concept have been developed on Renault Group’s CMF-B platform. This platform allows the development of a wide range of vehicles from 4.1 to 4.6 meters in length.

Spark launches 100 new Dacia Spring in Sofia and Plovdiv

Spark launches 100 new Dacia Spring in Sofia and Plovdiv

In total, the platform now has over 650 cars

To support this offensive in the C segment, from the second quarter of 2024 the Jogger model, including the Jogger HYBRID 140 version, will be produced in the Tangier, Morocco plant, in addition to Romania.

Two years ago, Renault presented the new Dacia Bigster compact SUV model. At the time, it was claimed that the Bigster could be offered with both alternative energy and hybrid powertrains.

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