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The Arkana is Renault’s first car to embody the recently announced New Wave strategy. The car is a hybrid in several ways – in terms of style, purpose and engine.

Launching Arkana in Europe is Renault’s way of introducing something different to the market. The first mass-produced SUV model with a sporty design, a coupe so far reserved for premium brands.

The new line fits perfectly into the rest of the Renault range (Megane, Kadjar and Scenic) and will be a key player in the SUV market, marking significant growth worldwide.

With the Arkana, Renault has launched a model with a strong hybrid identity, both in terms of style and engine. The high position of the driver, combined with generous space for passengers and luggage, gathered in a sporty design, proves that this SUV is both practical and stylish.

With its ground clearance of 200 mm, the Arkana is truly an SUV. The model is equipped with front and rear bumpers and wheel arch protectors, while the roof and windows form a wide curve that descends to the rear door, giving the car a much more sporty look, like other coupes.

In the interior, Arkana’s ergonomic design is accentuated by plenty of storage space, with the new Renault Arkana being more spacious than all other coupe models, especially in the rear, where passengers have 211 mm of legroom, making the model the best in its range. category.

In terms of luggage compartment, the new Renault Arkana has a generous one with a capacity of 513 liters (480 liters for the E-TECH Hybrid version) and a double floor that can be installed or removed according to the requirements of the owner.

Renault Arkana is available with an E-TECH hybrid engine with 145 hp. and with 12V microhybridized TCe 140 and 160 petrol engines. The hybrid engine is identical to that available for the Clio E-TECH Hybrid.

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The microhybrid engines are based on the 4-cylinder 1.3-liter direct-injection petrol engine. Microhybrid capabilities are achieved by adding a starter-alternator system combined with a 12V lithium-ion battery.

This technology helps to reduce fuel consumption by 8% as well as CO2 emissions, while providing better driving comfort. Now Arkana is also available at the level of equipment “RS Line” with the label “Renault Sport“, in order to satisfy the interest of customers who are looking for a sports and outstanding car.

The new Renault Arkana is available in 7 exterior colors: ice white, white “Universe”, black, gray, blue “Zanzibar”, fiery red and orange “Valencia” (reserved for the RS Line version). The optional black roof contributes to the dynamic look of the model. The car is available with a choice of 3 models of 17- or 18-inch wheels. Here are its prices for Bulgaria.

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