Leipzig. In the past few days, fraud offenses via messenger service have become increasingly known in the area of ​​​​the Leipzig police department. Because of the sophisticated and partly unknown scam (colloquially: “daughter trick”), the victims suffered financial losses.

The first case occurred on Thursday in the Liebertwolkwitz district of Leipzig. Police found out about 10:30 p.m. Accordingly, unknown persons contacted a couple (female 51 and male 57) via a well-known messenger app and pretended to be their son. A money transfer was requested several times in the chat, since “he” himself no longer had enough money. The “parents” complied with the request and transferred a medium, four-digit sum to the stranger. It was only when they called the “real son” that they realized that it was a scam and that they had been contacted by an unknown number. They informed the police. Fraud investigations are now underway.

“Real” daughter files a complaint

In Wiedemar, too, a 67-year-old received a message from her supposed daughter via the same messenger service. She was told that the daughter had a new number. Then she should delete their “old number”. Because of a loss of data, she could not make any new transfers. Assuming that she would support her daughter in financial difficulties, the mother then transferred a low four-digit amount to the designated account. When she contacted her “real daughter” shortly afterwards, she noticed the fraud and filed a complaint. In this case, too, investigations into fraud were started.

Leipzig police sensitized

This scam primarily exploits the relationship of trust between parents and child, according to the warning. A simple trick can help. “So if you get a message from an unknown number from a supposed relative, just call him or her back and make sure that it’s actually the person,” advises the police. Fraudsters usually do not answer the phone or find excuses why a conversation is not possible at the moment. The bad thing: As a result, they would simply continue with the demands and apply pressure. “Then it’s time to inform the police, back up the chat history and block the contact,” the advice reads.