The pilot spoke about the risk of the Su-34 fighter to fall from a height –

how writes “RIA Novosti”, not all pilots are allowed to fly at such high altitudes. At an altitude of 15 kilometers, the plane behaves unusually. Honored Pilot of Russia, Major General of Aviation Vladimir Popov said that the Su-34 is becoming inert in the stratosphere. It’s all about the very thin air. Because of it, the aircraft reacts to rudder deflection with some delay.

According to the professional, more deflection is required to create the control torque at this height. However, if “to give to the right or to the left in excess of a certain norm, then the withdrawal will require great efforts, which may not be enough, and the plane will fall from a height.” The honored pilot of Russia noted that it is very difficult to stay in the stratosphere for a long time.

At this height, the fighters maintain a distance of 200 meters between each other. Despite the complexity of night stratospheric flights, one cannot do without them, since they are an effective way of dealing with enemy aircraft.

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