The photographer and television cameraman Miguel París, protagonist in the return of ‘Vuelta Atrás’ | Press room

‘Turn Back’ premieres a new season with new stories that occurred in the twentieth century in our community, including those that will be told by anonymous guests taking a tour of the biography of their family. The program will make a new audiovisual tour through our past, counting for the narration with its team of collaborators to which new faces are joining this year.

Throughout this fourth season the program will address topics such as the trip of Avoid Perón a Zaragoza, the Mining on Huesca and Teruel or the races in the Circuit Guadalope from Alcañiz. Also portraits like that of Ramon and Cajal or the triumphs of the mythical team of The magnificent.

For the first program of the new season (Thursday 9:35 pm) ‘Vuelta Atrás’ will start with a memory of the television camera and photographer Miguel Paris, primer TVE correspondent in the provinces and witness to all events that have occurred in our community over almost four decades.

Paris is one of the great photographers in the history of Aragon and with his camera he portrayed thousands of people from Zaragoza in his studio and covered thousands of events and events in our land. But he was also the great pioneer of television in our land, because in 1958 he became the first correspondent for TVE.

In addition, in this first program, ‘Back Back’ will remember The Half Kilo of Rock, an event that in the mid-eighties made Zaragoza one of the epicenters of music in our country. Dozens of Aragonese groups participated in pursuit of the 500,000 pesetas prize with which the contest was endowed, some of them also managing to record an album and gain a foothold in the music scene.

The demonized of Jaca, a novel by Carmen de Burgos, tells a story based on the procession of Santa Orosia held every June 25 in the capital of Jacetania. People with various disorders came to her in the first decades of the 20th century to try to be freed from the devil.

In the section My family the spectators You will enjoy an endearing story that will take us to the first center for pensioners in Aragon and to the family that became its driving force.

‘Turn Back’, premiere of the new season, this Thursday at 9:35 p.m. on Aragón TV.



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