“The pandemic” is a new film that narrates the life story of actress Rajaa Al Jadawi

Emirati actor Salem Al-Amri has finished filming his new film “The Pandemic” “The Epidemic”, which is scheduled to be shown on one of the famous electronic platforms, within the next few weeks. “Al-Amiri” expressed his great happiness to participate in that artistic work, in which he embodies the character of an Egyptian young man in the UAE Through it, he is keen to deliver a meaningful message to Egyptian youth, and in it he deals with part of the life of the famous Egyptian artist Raja Al-Jeddawi before her infection with the Corona virus and her death affected by this virus, because of her large fan base in the Gulf countries and honoring her more than once in Dubai, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Actress Rajaa Al Jeddawi

The events of the film take place in an educational and social context, as the film includes some humanitarian and national events related to the Coronavirus and its repercussions. “Al-Amiri” indicated that he wants to appear before viewers in a different role that carries difficult psychological aspects that show his true talent, and he wishes to participate in the film in various festivals. To participate in long films, and the film is the first fictional film that embodies part of the life of the late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi in appreciation of her and her artistic standing, and her great influence on Arab families. The artist, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, left our world in the beginning of July of this year after being detained in quarantine after her injury Corona virus that has claimed many lives around the world.

Two days ago, the daughter of the late artist published new photos on the Instagram photo sharing site, a new photo of the actress Raja Al-Jeddawi with her daughter Rawda, and in the prayer shows the late Captain Hassan Muhtar, the former Egyptian and Ismaili goalkeeper, but her daughter does not list any information about the photo.

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