The New York Times makes an incredible front page on the coronavirus

The New York Times always brilliantly illustrates the events that punctuate the news. When the death toll of 100,000 in the United States was announced, the editorial staff decided to pay a final tribute to a thousand individuals. The front page of the media has thus become for one day a striking tombstone this Saturday, May 23, which concretizes the coronavirus pandemic and its devastating consequences. A single headline “United States approaches 100,000 dead, incalculable loss” and a huge list of names.

“They weren’t just names on a list. They were with us ”. Each space usually reserved for articles or illustrations is this time entirely filled with names and a brief description. “The numbers, alone, cannot quantify the impact of the coronavirus on America. Whether it is the number of patients treated, the jobs lost, the lives that have ended prematurely, ”says the daily.

Far from wanting to stop at a simple list, the editorial staff got down to the difficult task of finding out about each individual cited. The New York Times was thus “immersed in obituaries and obituaries and concludes The 1000 people on this page represent 1% of the balance sheet. None was just a number. ” We thus find, for example: “Kimarlee Nguyen, 33, writer who inspired the students of her high school in Brooklyn”, “Mike Field, 59, among the first aid during the September 11 attacks”, “Torrin Jamal Howard , 26, gentle giant, athlete and musician ”,“ Clair Dunlap, 89, pilot who still gave flying lessons at 88 ”,“ Bassey Offiong, 25, saw his friends in their worst moments and managed to bring out the best ”,“ Christine McLaurin, 86, words never failed her ”. And the list goes on and on, embodying every decimated life.

This is the first time in forty years that no photo has appeared on the front page of New York Times.

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