The new WCBA season will start at the end of the month, Shanghai Baoshan Dahua women’s basketball team will go to Fujian – Teller Report

The new WCBA season begins later this monthFly into the homes of ordinary people

The new WCBA season will kick off in Jinjiang, Fujian Province later this month. This season still adopts the tournament system. There are 27 rounds in the regular season. Game time is November 30, 2022 to January 23, 2023. January 25 to February 26.

The WCBA regular season this season is different from the past: to increase the suspense of the game and increase the number of strong dialogues, all 17 participating teams are divided into brackets A and B for three rounds of competition within the bracket. The first cycle is divided into groups based on the WCBA league standings of the 2021-2022 season from highest to lowest. Group A is for teams that ranked first through ninth last season, and group B is for teams that finished 10th through 17th last season. The second and third rounds are grouped according to the results of the first and second rounds respectively. After each round, the bottom three from pool A and the top three from pool B swap places.

In the first cycle, the Shanghai and Inner Mongolia Rural Credit women’s basketball team, Sichuan Yuanda Miller, Jiangsu Wutaishan, Shandong Shanghai, Shanxi Xingrui, Dongguan New Century, Zhejiang Chouzhou, Xinjiang women’s basketball team are divided into Group A, Beijing Shougang, Hebei Yingli, Wuhan Sheng Fan, Liaoning Hengrun Feibao, Tianjin Guanlan, Shaanxi Tianze, Fujian Zhongteng and Henan Yaoxin are in Group B.(Xinmin Evening News reporter Li Yuanchun)

Editing: Shen Yuye

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