The new version of The Witcher gets an open game world

CD Project Red has confirmed that the remake of the first game in The Witcher series will draw inspiration from the subsequent open world installments of the series.

CD Projekt Red’s game title The Witcher 3 is often praised as one of the best games ever. However, previous games in the series have a slightly smaller player base. For example, the first installment of the series never made it to any game console when it launched in 2007. However, the developer has confirmed that a new version is coming and which will draw inspiration from the most recent games.

The original version of The Witcher used an older game engine developed by Bioware. Then the developer moved to their own game engine called REDEngine for subsequent titles in the series. The remake of the first game, on the other hand, will be made in Unreal Engine 5, an engine much better equipped to be used for building open game worlds. Something that has now been confirmed to have the new version.

CD Projekt CEO Adam Kiciński confirmed that when the developers rebuild the original game in the much newer game engine, they will also make an open world game. Something that was not introduced to the series until 2015 when the third installation of the series was released.

There is still a lot of information about the new version that we don’t know yet. CD Projekt Red has already started building hype before brand new games in The Witcher series. While it has not been said if it is possible that the remake of the original will come with a number of new game mechanics and systems developed for future installations. However, the new version is not ready in the foreseeable future and will be launched after the next new game in the series, codenamed Polaris. However, it remains to be seen exactly when any of the games will launch.

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